District plan

Auckland Council District Plan
Operative Auckland City - Isthmus Section 1999 

District plan text

This contains the planning policies and rules for activities and development on the Isthmus.

For updates to these documents see Plan modifications.



Common usage


Complete document

Part 1


District plan structure

Outline and structure of the district plan


Part 1 (PDF 118KB)

Part 2

Resource management - gives an account of the district's significant resource management issues, the Plan's broad objectives and the general policies in regard to these issues.

Use for general understanding of the Plan's overall planning strategy, or when applying for a resource consent.


Part 2 (PDF 100KB)

Part 3

District plan development - provides background information and an explanation of the purposes and scope of the Act, the Council's functions and obligations, and the Plan's purposes and context. It also sets out the approach to monitoring and reviewing the Plan.

Use for general understanding of the Council's planning approach; the Plan's methods and process.



Part 3 (PDF 92KB)

Part 4



General provisions and procedures - contains general information regarding activities and resource consents. It also sets out the approach to signs and artificial lighting.

Use this to understand when and how to make a resource consent application, and Council's planning approach to signs and lighting. 



Part 4 (PDF 232KB)

Part 4a


General rules - sets out those rules which apply throughout the Isthmus. Rules relating to requirements in terms of Part VIII of the Act are included.

While this Part has general application it is used particularly for temporary activities, earthworks and demolition.



Part 4a (PDF 299KB)

Part 4b

Financial contributions - sets out the objectives policies and rules relating to all financial contributions used within the Plan.

Use this to understand when a financial contribution may be required.



Part4b (PDF 341KB)

Part 5

Natural and physical environment - introduces issues concerning the Isthmus' natural and physical environment which are examined as follows.

Use for a general understanding of the components of the Isthmus' natural and physical environment.



Part 5 (PDF 127KB)

Part 5a

Natural resources - sets out the Council's strategy for the Isthmus' natural resources; water, air, land, soil, habitats, energy, minerals. These resources are taken into account when considering the environmental effects of use and development.

Use this when applying for a resource consent.  



Part 5a (PDF 234KB)

Part 5b

Coastal - sets out the management methods for the Isthmus' coastal environment, including rules for its maintenance and enhancement. 

Applies if undertaking an activity or development close to the coast.


Part 5b (PDF 185KB)

Part 5c

Heritage - recognises and protects the heritage values of particular sites, buildings, trees, landscape, landform and waahi tapu sites. Includes rules which affect the use and development of these particular features or sites.

Use this if your site has or is subject to a scheduled heritage item as shown on the planning maps.


Part 5c (PDF 558KB)

Part 5d

Natural hazards - recognises and identifies the Isthmus' natural hazards; sea level rise and climate change, flood risk and land stability. Includes rules for the avoidance or mitigation of these hazards. 

Applies to land subject to known natural hazards - see updated maps held by the Council.


Part 5d (PDF 82KB)

Part 5e

Hazardous facilities - sets out the management methods and rules for controlling the environmental effects of facilities involving hazardous substances.

Applies to activities using substances which may be hazardous to people or the environment.


Part 5e (PDF 163KB)

Part 6

Human environment - examines certain social and cultural issues; Maori, employment, housing, quality of life, education, cultural diversity, visitor facilities, and infrastructure.

Use when applying for resource consents.


Part 6 (PDF 96KB)

Part 7

Residential activity - contains the general methods and rules for residential areas. Activities and alterations or additions to buildings must comply with the rules in this Part. *

Use this for the development of housing and other activities on residential land. 

7.1 - 7.7.1

7.7.2 -


Part 7a (PDF 374KB)

Part 7b (PDF 711KB)

Part 7c (PDF 741KB)

Part 8

Business activity - contains the general methods and rules for business activity. The term business activity encompasses both commercial and industrial uses and development. Any new business activity, or any change to the nature of a business activity must comply with these rules.

Use this for development and other activities on commercial or industrial land.

8.1 -

8.6.6 - 8.7.4

8.7.5 - 8.8.1

8.8.2 - 8.8.10

Part 8a (PDF 225KB)

Part 8b (PDF 670KB)

Part 8c (PDF 1.8MB)

Part 8d (PDF 457KB)

Part 9

Open space and recreational activity - contains the Plan's policies for open space and recreation issues. Open Space applies to virtually all public parks as well as many public landscape and amenity areas. Recreation includes public and some selected private facilities.

Applies mainly to Council owned land but also to private recreation facilities.


Part 9 (PDF 160KB)

Part 10

Special purposes activity - seeks to manage major community facilities; including healthcare facilities, tertiary and secondary education facilities, transportation resources and the Ngati Whatua land at Orakei. Management policies are adopted with rules to achieve their implementation. 

Limited in application to major institutions, infrastructure and Ngati Whatua land at Orakei.


Part 10 (PDF 285KB)

Part 11

Subdivision - sets out the management methods for land subdivision including rules which must be complied with when undertaking subdivision.

Use this when undertaking subdivision including cross-leasing. 


Part 11 (PDF 214KB)

Part 12

Transportation - identifies issues concerning the lsthmus' transportation resources and sets out management methods and rules for controlling the environmental effects arising from the use of that resource. Rules relating to offstreet parking requirements are found in this Part.

Main application is requirements for off-site parking, and access.

12.1 -

12.8.2 -

Part 12a (PDF 316KB)

Part 12b (PDF 420KB)

Part 13

Interpretation and definitions - sets out the meaning of terms and expressions used within the Plan.

As per the description.

A - I

K - Y

Part 13a (PDF 384KB)

Part 13b (PDF 121KB)

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