District Plan

Auckland Council District Plan
Operative Auckland City - Isthmus Section 1999

Plan modifications

Current plan modifications

Where a site, or a portion of the Plan text, is affected by a plan modification, this will be indicated on the Plan maps or text as follows:

The number inside the triangle Triangle.  refers to the plan modification number.

Where a site or portion of the Plan text is subject to a notice of appeal(s), the Auckland City Council appeal file reference number is noted in a box Box. .

The reader must refer to the relevant Notice of Appeal or Plan Modification (available at the Council) to determine how a particular proposal is affected by any changes.

The information given about the content of specific appeals and Plan Modifications in the tables below is in summary form only. Refer to the Council for further information on how an appeal or Plan Modification affects a particular site or proposal.

To view full details, maps and text click on the Plan Mod #.

*Private Plan Changes do not have effect unless adopted and notified by Council. (Clause 25(2) of the RMA). 


Plan Mod #


Description of Plan modification


Private plan change

Three Kings


Private plan change

Three Kings


Notice of Requirement

Newmarket Level Crossing

See Unitary Plan modifications

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