District Plan

Auckland Council District Plan
Operative Auckland City - Isthmus Section 1999

Plan modification 373


Private plan change


Three Kings

Current Status

Notified 13/10/2014
Submissions close 10/11/2014
Further submissions close 12/12/2014

Additional further submission period (submission 165 only) 23/1/2015


Notified Version of Plan Change Request (PDF 1.6MB)
Summary of decisions requested PM372 (PDF 337KB)
Summary of decisions requested PM372 and 373 (PDF 143KB)
Summary of decisions requested PM373 (PDF 293KB)
Summary of decision requested PM373 Submission No 165 (PDF 95KB)

Submissions 1-41 (PDF 4.1MB)
Submissions 42-80 (PDF 9.1MB)
Submissions 80-114 (PDF 3.4MB)
Submissions 114-128 (PDF 16.1MB)
Submissions 128-143 (PDF 7.6MB)
Submissions 144-160 (PDF 6.8MB)
Submissions 160-172 (PDF 9.7MB)
Submissions 172-192 (PDF 3.9MB)
Submissions 193-218 (PDF 10MB)
Submissions 219-239 (PDF 11.4MB) 


Planning Report (PDF 3.6MB)
Fletcher Building Limited Report (PDF 11.7MB)
Masterplan (PDF 11.1MB)
Urban Design Report (PDF 2.2MB)
Landscape Description (PDF 14.8MB)
Landscape Appendices (PDF 15.6MB)
Design Tribe Cultural Review (PDF 620KB)
Transport (PDF 11MB)
Engineering Infrastructure (PDF 9.2MB)
Stormwater (PDF 6.3MB)
Geotechnical Report (PDF 6.1MB)
Contaminated Land Overview (PDF 7.1MB)
Economic Impact (PDF 5.4MB)
Certificate of Title (PDF 376KB)


DKO response (PDF 301KB)
PM373 Planning Addendum (PDF 436KB)
DKO Addendum appendix (PDF 1.7MB)
Tonkin and Taylor response (PDF 9.2MB)
Marshall Day report (PDF 1MB)
PDP 15H2 Response (PDF 1.1MB)
Traffic Design Group response (PDF 232KB)
Surface Design (PDF 167KB)

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