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You can view a Planning Map by browsing by street name using the alphabetical or clicking on the City map below. To help assist with the location of a road, each map has been divided into four quadrants (see Diagram on left).

Maps open as a PDF containing:

pg 1: District Plan Map

pg 2, 3: Documentation (Designations, Road Widening, Heritage Resources).


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Alphabetical street list

Locate the planning map of a given road by using the alphabetical listing below. When a road crosses several planning maps it is listed once for each map. To help assist with the location of a road, each map has been divided into four quadrants (see Diagram on below).



Street Suburb quadrant key map (PDF)
Taatahi Street Weymouth a, c 31
Tabago Place Half Moon Bay a 35
Tacoma Road Wiri a 29
Tacon Place Mangere c 11
Tadley Court Goodwood Heights c 41
Tagata Way Mangere c 11
Tahinga Lane Auckland Airport d 8
Tahinga Lane b 9
Taiko Court Northpark b 37
Tainui Road Cockle Bay b 46
Tainui Terrace Mangere Bridge d 5
Taipan Place Randwick Park b 43
Taitimu Drive Weymouth a 31
Taka Street Takanini b, d 44
Takahe Avenue Takanini c 81
Takanini Road Takanini d 44
Takanini School Road Takanini d 43
Takanini School Road b, d 44
Takatu Place Takanini c 81
Takutai Avenue Bucklands Beach c 34
Takutai Avenue a 35
Talga Court Conifer Grove c 44
Talga Court c 81
Tamaki Bay Drive Pakuranga c 23
Tamar Place Mangere East b 11
Tampin Road Manurewa c 42
Tamworth Close Manurewa c 30
Tanah Merah Drive Papakura d 81
Tangelo Place Bucklands Beach c, d 35
Tanglewood Place Cockle Bay a 46
Tanners Road Mangere Bridge c 10
Tanners Road a 11
Tannock Place Mangere East d 11
Tarapiroe Avenue Takanini c 81
Tarata Crescent Mangere Bridge b 6
Tarnica Road Northpark b, d 37
Tate Grove Half Moon Bay a 36
Tate Place Otara b 26
Tatua Place Conifer Grove b 44
Tavern Lane Papatoetoe d 17
Tavistock Street Papatoetoe a 28
Tawa Crescent Manurewa c 43
Tawa Crescent a 44
Tawiki Avenue Takanini c 81
Taylor Road Mangere Bridge d 5
Te Akau Crescent Bucklands Beach c 34
Te Anau Place Pakuranga Heights b 24
Te Ara Kahikatea Flat Bush b 40
Te Irirangi Drive Manukau b 28
Te Irirangi Drive d 37
Te Irirangi Drive b, c, d 38
Te Irirangi Drive a, c 39
Te Irirangi Drive a, c 40
Te Irirangi Drive a 41
Te Kahu Place Takanini b 44
Te Koha Road East Tamaki d 37
Te Koha Road b 38
Te Motu Way Favona a 11
Te Papa Road Kawakawa Bay a 85
Te Pene Road Maraetai c 68
Te Pene Road a 69
Te Puru Drive Maraetai a 69
Teak Grove The Gardens c 41
Teak Grove a 42
Teelin Place Flat Bush c 40
Tekapo Street Otara a 26
Templeton Place Clendon Park c 30
Tennessee Avenue Mangere East b, d 11
Tennessee Avenue c 16
Tensing Place Papakura c 81
Teo Lane Mangere a 12
Tercel Place Sunnyhills b 23
Terrasini Drive Flat Bush c 49
Terry Place Otara c 26
The Anchorage Sunnyhills b 23
The Boulevard Sunnyhills b 23
The Brae Maraetai a 69
The Crest Sunnyhills b 23
The Enclave The Gardens c 41
The Esplanade Eastern Beach b, d 34
The Furlong Takanini d 44
The Glebe Cockle Bay c 45
The Glebe a 46
The Green Golflands a, b 37
The Lea Pahurehure c 81
The Link Howick b 36
The Mews Shamrock Park a 47
The Parade Bucklands Beach c 33
The Parade a, c 34
The Pavillions East Tamaki b 38
The Rosebowl Sunnyhills b 23
The Spinney Pahurehure c 81
The Track Takanini c 81
The Way Beachlands a, c 61
Third Avenue Orere Point a 80
Third View Avenue Beachlands a, b 61
Thirlmere Rise Northpark d 37
Thistle Close Beachlands a, c 61
Thomas Road Flat Bush c 40
Thomas Road a, b 41
Thomas Road Mangere a 12
Thompson Street Mangere East c 16
Thompson Terrace Manurewa d 30
Thompson Terrace b 31
Thorn Place Papatoetoe d 27
Thornbury Crescent East Tamaki Heights d 38
Thornbury Crescent b 39
Thorps Quarry Road Clevedon a, c 75
Thurso Lane Otara d 26
Thurston Place Bucklands Beach c 34
Thurston Place b 35
Thyme Court Flat Bush d 39
Ti Rakau Drive Pakuranga-Northpark c 23
Ti Rakau Drive a, b, d 24
Ti Rakau Drive c, d 37
Tiaka Place Pakuranga a 24
Tiari Place Mangere East a 17
Tidal Road Mangere b, d 12
Tidal Road c 17
Tiel Lane Papakura d 81
Tiffany Close Totara Park c 51
Tiger Drive Golflands c, d 37
Tiger Moth Lane Ardmore b 81
Tilberg Street Favona a 11
Tilbrook Place Papakura d 81
Tilia Place The Gardens a 42
Timberly Road Mangere d 7
Timberly Road c 12
Timberly Road a 13
Timewell Lane Papatoetoe d 17
Tina Place Sunnyhills a 36
Tindall Crescent Otara d 26
Tindall Crescent b 27
Tington Avenue Wattle Downs d 31
Tington Avenue a, c 44
Tinkler Place Favona b 11
Tinturn Place Flat Bush d 39
Tioro Lane Mangere a 12
Tir Conaill Avenue Flat Bush c 40
Tiraumea Drive Pakuranga a 24
Tironui Road Takanini c 81
Tironui Station Road East Papakura c 81
Tironui Station Road West Takanini c 81
Titchmarsh Crescent Flat Bush c 40
Titi Street Otahuhu c 15
Titi Street a 16
Titoki Avenue Mangere Bridge d 5
Tivoli Court Flat Bush c 49
Toatoa Place Mangere Bridge b 6
Tolben Place Golflands d 37
Tolvah Place Wattle Downs c 44
Tom Pearce Drive Auckland Airport d 8
Tom Pearce Drive b 9
Tom Pearce Drive c 13
Tomes Lane Favona b 11
Tomintoul Place Highland Park a, b 36
Tomlin Place Mangere East c 17
Tomlinson Street Manurewa c 42
Tongeren Square Karaka c 81
Tonson Place Weymouth a 31
Tonu'u Court Flat Bush a 40
Toomer Place Beachlands b 53
Toomer Place a 61
Topaz Place Wiri b 29
Topland Drive Flat Bush d 39
Tornish Drive Flat Bush b 39
Torrens Road Burswood c 37
Tosca Place Otara b, d 27
Toscana Drive Karaka c 81
Toso Way Otara c 26
Totara Road Manurewa c 43
Tourist Road Clevedon d 76
Tourist Road b 81
Tourist Road a 84
Tourmalin Place Wiri d 28
Tourmalin Place b 29
Towbridge Place Howick c 45
Town Centre Drive Northpark d 37
Townley Place Clover Park d 27
Townson Road Kawakawa Bay b 83
Towra Place Botany Downs d 36
Tralee Terrace Dannemora d 37
Tralee Terrace c 47
Tranent Road Mangere b 12
Tranquility Rise Cockle Bay a, c 45
Transport Place East Tamaki c 37
Transport Place a 38
Travers Place Northpark b 37
Treagon Place Papatoetoe c 17
Treeway Sunnyhills b 23
Trelawn Place Cockle Bay c, d 46
Trembath Avenue Mangere East d 11
Treneary Lane Flat Bush a 39
Trentham Road Papakura c 81
Treviso Place Clover Park d 27
Treviso Place c 40
Trevor Hosken Drive Wiri d 28
Trevor Hosken Drive b 29
Trident Place Shelly Park d 46
Trig Road Turanga c, d 56
Trig Road a, b 57
Trig Road c 64
Trig Road a 65
Trimdon Street Randwick Park d 43
Trimmer Terrace Papatoetoe b 17
Triumph Road Flat Bush c 39
Triumph Road a 40
Tromie Place Highland Park b 36
Troon Place Papatoetoe b 17
Trossach Place Wattle Downs a, c 44
Trounson Avenue Clendon Park a 30
Trovare Place Golflands c, d 37
Troy's Link Karaka c 81
Trugood Drive East Tamaki c 37
Trust Place Sunnyhills b 23
Tsar Court Flat Bush b 39
Tua Place Favona a, c 11
Tuakura Way The Gardens b 42
Tudor Park Drive Turanga b, d 47
Tui Brae Beachlands d 53
Tui Brae c 61
Tui Crescent Manurewa c 43
Tui Road Papatoetoe a, b, d 27
Tui Street Otahuhu c 15
Tui Street a 16
Tui Vale Road Howick d 46
Tullis Place Burswood c 37
Tulloch Place Conifer Grove b 44
Tumbridge Place Somerville a 47
Tuna Place Manurewa a 30
Tupaki Place Pakuranga Heights a, c 36
Turanga Road Turanga a, c 56
Turei Road Kawakawa Bay a, c 79
Turin Place Otara a 39
Turnberry Drive Wattle Downs c, d 31
Turnbull Street Papakura c 81
Tuscan Place Half Moon Bay a 35
Tussock Avenue Mangere b, d 12
Tutere Road Papatoetoe b 18
Twilight Road Brookby-Clevedon b 59
Twilight Road c, d 66
Twilight Road a, b 67
Twilight Road c 75
Tyldens Road Clevedon d 67
Tyldens Road b 81
Tyndrum Place Highland Park a, b 36
Tyrian Close Half Moon Bay a 35
Tyrone Street Otara b 26
Tytus Place Conifer Grove c 44


Appendices to maps 

Appendix 1A (PDF 381KB) Existing Primary Road Network Update 2011

Appendix 1B (PDF 384KB) Future Primary Road Network Update 2011

Appendix 2A (PDF 186KB) Auckland International Underlying Zoning Plan Update 12 January 2012

Appendix 2B (PDF 941KB) Designation for Auckland International Airport: Specification for Approach and Land Use controls - Specification for Obstacle Limitation Surfaces - Discharge to Air Rates2002

Appendix 2C (PDF 250KB) Auckland International Airport Runway and Protection areas and area affected by Non-Aeronautical Ground Light Requirement2002

Appendix 2D (PDF 102KB) Auckland International Airport Schematic Plan Update 2011

Appendix 2E (PDF 204KB) Auckland International Airport - Showing Ldn 57 dBA area Update 2011

Appendix 2F (PDF 305KB) Aircraft Noise Areas 2002

Appendix 2G Future Aircraft Coise Contours (FANC) (PDF 813KB)  2002


Appendix 2H Auckland International Airport Designation Maps 2002

Appendix 3 Notable Trees and Stands of Trees (PDF 1MB) Update 12 January 2012

Appendix 4A Road Widening Designations (PDF 249KB) Update 2011

Appendix 4B Proposed Road Widening (PDF 409KB) Update No.8: March 2009

Appendix 4C Proposed Scenic Road Indicative Alignment (PDF 54KB) 2002

Appendix 5 Area Necessary to Ensure Physical Protection - Wiri Lave Cave (PDF 89KB) 2002

Appendix 6 Views to be Protected (PDF 719KB) 2002

Appendix 7 Proposed Special Rural Zone Provision for Puhinui (PDF 221KB) 2002

Appendix 8 Ardmore Aerodrome: Protection Measures (PDF 249KB) 2002

Appendix 9 Extent of Quarry Zone and Mineral Extraction Sites (PDF 659KB) Update No.7: September 2008

Appendix 10 Extent and Underlying Zones of Specific Designations (PDF 1.1MB) Update 12 January 2012

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