Regional Plans

Auckland Unitary Plan Operative in part

The Unitary Plan became operative in part on 15 November 2015. The regional plans are now operative only in relation to the parts of the Unitary Plan that are under appeal or require approval from Minister of Conservation.

For more information, read the plan.

View of Auckland City from Mt Eden

Regional Policy Statement

Policy for managing the use, development and protection of the natural and physical resources of the region.

Regional plan: Air, land and water

Regional Plan: Air, Land and Water

Management of air, land and water resources including air, soil, rivers and streams, lakes, groundwater, wetlands and geothermal water.

Regional plan: Coastal

Regional Plan: Coastal

The framework to promote the integrated and sustainable management of the coastal environment.

Regional Plan: Sediment Control

Regional Plan: Sediment Control

Responsibilities for the maintenance and enhancement of water quality and ecosystems in water bodies, and the control of discharges of contaminants.

Regional Plan: Farm Dairy Discharges

Regional Plan: Farm Dairy Discharges

Mechanisms to avoid, remedy or mitigate adverse effects on the environment from dairy farm discharges.

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