Regional Plan

Auckland Council Regional Plan: Air, Land and Water

Operative 30 September 2013


The Auckland Council Regional Plan: Air, Land and Water (ALW Plan) was prepared by the Auckland Regional Council to assist in carrying out its functions in order to achieve the purpose of the Resource Management Act 1991 (RMA). The Plan is now maintained and administered by the Auckland Council.


Plan coverage

The ALW Plan applies to all of the area within the Auckland Region, which is under the jurisdiction of the Auckland Council . The Plan provides for the management of air, land and water resources in the region including: air, soil, rivers and streams, lakes, groundwater, wetlands and geothermal water.



The  Proposed Auckland Regional Plan: Air, Land and Water was notified for public submissions in October 2001. The plan was made operative in part on 21 October 2010.  Further parts of the plan became operative on 30 April 2012

All appeals have now been resolved and on 30 September 2013 the remaining parts of the plan were made operative, including:

  • Chapter 4 Air Quality provisions regarding landfills
  • Parts of Chapter 5 Discharges to Land and Water, and Land Management including sewage solids and biosolids, other discharges of contaminants and onsite wastewater
  • Parts of Chapter 12 – Definitions and Abbreviations

The plan is now fully operative and is called the Auckland Council Regional Plan: Air, Land and Water (2013).

Withdrawal of Chapter 8 – Financial Contributions

The withdrawal of Chapter 8 – Financial Contributions to the ALW Plan was publicly notified on 20 April 2012. Council is now preparing a Unitary Plan and the application of financial contributions will be reviewed through that process.


National Policy Statement for Freshwater Management 2011

The ALW Plan manages water quality and quantity and therefore the National Policy Statement for Freshwater Management 2011 (Freshwater NPS) must be considered when making an application under this Plan.  The transitional provisions have been inserted into the ALW Plan and the remainder of the Freshwater NPS will be implemented through the Unitary Plan for Auckland.

More information on the Freshwater NPS


Variations and plan changes

There are a number of proposed variations and changes to the ALW Plan:

View Variations and Plan Changes


Text document

The ALW Plan consists of both text and maps.  The two parts need to be read together.

Hard copies of the ALW Plan may be viewed during normal business hours at the following places:

  • Auckland Council service centres in Orewa, Takapuna, Henderson, Manukau, Papakura, Pukekohe, Waiheke, Great Barrier Island and Graham Street in the CBD
  • The Orewa, Takapuna, Henderson, Manukau, Papakura, Pukekohe, Waiheke and Central Auckland public libraries.

The ALW Plan can be viewed by clicking on the PDF file names below.

Words shown in bold italics are defined in Chapter 12 - Definitions and Abbreviations.

Updated September 2013


View the entire ALW Plan:

ALWP 2013 – Whole plan (PDF 10.9MB)


Download the document by chapters

ALWP - Title and Contents (PDF 445KB)


Part one: Introduction and values

ALWP - Part 1 - Chapter 1 Introduction (PDF 439KB)

ALWP - Part 1 - Chapter 2 Values (PDF 263KB)

ALWP - Part 1 - Chapter 3 Management Areas (PDF 242KB)


Part two: Air quality

ALWP - Part 2 - Chapter 4 Air Quality (PDF 385KB)

ALWP - Part 2 - Chapter 4a Agrichemicals application and use (PDF 171KB)


Part three: Land and water resources

ALWP - Part 3 - Chapter 5 Discharges to Land and Water, and Land Management (PDF 597KB)

Note: a number of small errors were identified in the version of Chapter 5 uploaded on 30 April 2012. These errors have been corrected in the current May 2012 version of Chapter 5.

ALWP - Part 3 - Chapter 6 Water Allocation (PDF 355KB)

ALWP - Part 3 - Chapter 7 Beds of Lakes and Rivers and diversion of surface water (PDF 312KB)


Part four: Information and processes

ALWP - Part 4 - Chapter 8 Financial Contributions - WITHDRAWN (PDF 62KB)

ALWP - Part 4 - Chapter 9 Cross Boundary Processes, Chapter 10 Applications for Resource Consent, Chapter 11 Review and Monitoring (PDF 126KB)

ALWP - Part 4 - Chapter 12 Definitions & Abbreviations (PDF 227KB)



Schedule 1 – Wetland Management Areas (PDF 139KB)

Schedule 2 – Aquifer Water Availabilities and Levels (PDF 80KB)

Schedule 3 – Industrial or Trade Processes (PDF 134KB)

Schedule 4 – Natural Lake Management Areas and Schedule 5 – Suggested Agrichemical Spray Plan (PDF 83KB)

Schedule 6 – Minimum Height of Flue System Described in Rule 4.5.5 (PDF 197KB)

Schedule 7 – Hazardous Air Pollutants and Schedule 8 – Sites and Areas of Special Values to Tangata Whenua (PDF 115KB)

Schedule 9 – Contents of ICMPs & Applications for NDCs (PDF 111KB)

Schedule 10 – Permitted Activity Criteria (PDF 68KB)

Schedule 11 – Compilation of Acceptance Guidelines (PDF 3.03MB)

Schedule 12 – Rainfall Runoff Management For Cultivated Soil (PDF 87KB)

Schedule 13 – Schedules For Reporting On Contaminated Land (PDF 170KB)

Schedule 14 – Consented Existing High Risk Activities (PDF 216KB)



View Maps Series 1 and 2

View Maps Series 1A

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