Annual budget

Annual plan.  

Annual Budget 2017/2018

The council is currently in the process of producing the Annual Budget for 2017/2018.

Consultation with Aucklanders closed on Monday 27 March 2017 


View the overview report of the communication and consultation campaign: 

Annual Budget 2017/2018 Communication and Consultation - Overview (PDF 141KB)

View the consultation summary of feedback report:

Annual Budget 2017/2018 Consultation – Summary of feedback (PDF 1.24MB)

You can download an index showing the name of each submitter:

Draft Annual Plan 2017/2018 - Master index (PDF 411KB)

To view the full detail of a submission, see the Annual Plan 2017/2018 submissions.


Elected members will make decisions and finalise the budget in June 2017.

If you have any questions relating to the Annual Budget 2017/2018 please email:

Read the Annual Budget 2016/2017 

Volume 1 - Our plan for 2016/2017 (PDF 5MB)

Volume 1 - Our plan for 2016/2017 (HTML)


Volume 2 - Local Board information & agreements 2016/2017 (PDF 5MB) 

Volume 2 - Local Board information and agreements 2016/2017 (HTML)


If you would like to request the consultation feedback report and/or submissions made, please email:


Read the Annual Plan 2014/2015

Download the plan in either PDF or HTML:

Volume 1 - Our Plan for 2014/2015 (PDF 6.2MB)

Volume 1 - Our Plan for 2014/2014 (HTML)

Volume 2 - Local Board Information and Agreements (PDF 8.3MB)

Volume 2 - Local Board Information and Agreements (HTML)

Hard copies will be available for viewing at libraries, local board offices and service centres by the end of July.

If you would like a hard copy or Microsoft Word version of the plan email the Annual Plan Team or contact us.

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