Annual Budget

Annual plan.  

Annual Budget 2017/2018

Each year Auckland Council is required to have a budget in place that outlines our:

  • prioritised activities and projects
  • intended service levels
  • funding information
  • financial policies for the coming year.

The council is currently in the process of producing the Annual Budget for 2017/2018.

We will consult with Aucklanders between 27 February and 27 March 2017 on the following topics as well as local priorities:

  • level of rates increases
  • rating stability
  • targeted rates on accommodation providers
  • a living wage for council staff.
  • policy change to allow the use of targeted rates on new developments to pay for new infrastructure

Following consideration of the feedback provided in the consultation, elected members will make decisions and finalise the budget in June 2017.

To have your say and view all topics in the consultation visit from 27 February.


Annual Budget 2016/2017

This is the council's plan for delivering services and building infrastructure during the 2016/2017 financial year, the second year of the 10-year budget.

The governing body adopted the plan on 30 June 2016 following public consultation in February and March 2016.

We need to make substantial investments in infrastructure to respond to Auckland's rapidly growing population.

Combined with the extra cost of serving more people, rising asset ownership increases our total operating costs faster than the rate of inflation.

While efficiency gains and higher growth-related revenue are helping, rates increases are needed so we can continue to respond to our rapid growth.

For 2016/2017, we will invest $1.4 billion in new assets as well as $570 million to look after existing ones.

To pay for this, general rates will rise by an overall average of 2.4 per cent (an average increase of $1.13 per week for residential properties). Council debt is projected to increase from $8.05 billion to $8.8 billion.

This level of debt is consistent with the council’s AA credit rating and target of interest costs not exceeding 12 per cent of revenue. However, there is minimal additional debt headroom.

The Annual Plan 2016/2017 contains these key decisions:

  • On average, general rates will increase by 2.4 per cent. This will mean a 2.5 per cent increase for residential ratepayers and 1.9 per cent increase for business ratepayers.
  • The fixed component of rates (UAGC) will be set at $394 for 2016/2017.
  • The Interim Transport Levy will remain at $113.85 for residential ratepayers and $182.85 for business ratepayers. The levy helps fund a number of transport projects like improving our bus infrastructure and providing more cycling and walking options.
  • The general rate for farm and lifestyle properties will remain at 80 per cent of the urban residential rate.
  • Māori freehold land rates remission and postponement policy will be amended to better reflect the limitations on the sale and use of some Māori land. The policy will also provide remissions for rateable urupā and marae.


Read the Annual Budget 2016/2017 

Volume 1 - Our plan for 2016/2017 (PDF 5MB)

Volume 1 - Our plan for 2016/2017 (HTML)


Volume 2 - Local Board information and agreements 2016/2017 (PDF 5MB) 

Volume 2 - Local Board information and agreements 2016/2017 (HTML)



Consultation with Aucklanders closed on Thursday 24 March. View the reports on the consultation:

Annual Budget 2016/2017 consultation feedback overview report (PDF 446KB) 

Annual Budget 2016/2017 consultation feedback rating policy report (PDF 633KB)

You can download an index showing the name of each submitter:

Annual Budget 2016/2017 submitter index (PDF 312KB)

To view the full detail of a submission, see the Annual Plan 2016/2017 submissions.

Annual Plan 2014/2015

Download the plan in either PDF or HTML:

Volume 1 - Our Plan for 2014/2015 (PDF 6.2MB)

Volume 1 - Our Plan for 2014/2014 (HTML)

Volume 2 - Local Board Information and Agreements (PDF 8.3MB)

Volume 2 - Local Board Information and Agreements (HTML)

Hard copies will be available for viewing at libraries, local board offices and service centres by the end of July.

If you would like a hard copy or Microsoft Word version of the plan email the Annual Plan Team or contact us.

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