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Hibiscus and Bays Area Plan

The Hibiscus and Bays Area Plan shows how the Auckland Plan can be implemented at a local level, to help make Auckland the world's most liveable city.

The area plan indicates where housing, jobs, transport links, recreation, community facilities and visitor attractions should occur over the next 30 years to achieve this goal.

The plan's outcomes are realised in nine maps, that can be explored in our online viewer below:

  • Key moves - the six biggest opportunities for positive change in the area over 30 years.
  • Framework map - identifies where people will live and work.
  • Three theme maps - identifies local values and aspirations, which includes economic and community development, transport and network infrastructure, and natural, heritage and character.
  • 10-year prioritisation plan - the range of projects and activities that need to be carried out.
Six big opportunities (key moves) have been identified to transform Hibiscus and Bays. A number of opportunities exist for more employment and economic development in the area. Challenges are providing the additional housing with the necessary supporting infrastructure, while maintaining the high-quality lifestyle that residents enjoy. The natural and coastal environment is the main feature that needs to be protected and enhanced. The area plan responds to these challenges and opportunities by identifying the following key moves.

How to use this map
Hover over the icons in the legend below for a description of key moves identified to transform the area.
  • Centres
  • Coastal Pathway
  • Employment
  • Environment
  • Green Economy
  • Transport
Key moves map

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