City Centre Masterplan


The Auckland City Centre Masterplan is a 20-year vision that sets the direction for the future of the city centre as the cultural, civic, retail and economic heart of the city.

It shows opportunities for development and identifies eight moves, pictured in the slider above. These will create a stunning city centre and unlock its full potential to be one of the world's premier business locations, the heart and 'Engine Room' of Auckland and the world's most liveable city.

Underpinning the plan is a focus on a range of projects that will make the city centre more family-friendly, pedestrian-friendly and environmentally-friendly. A place we are all proud of, feel excited about visiting and where we can do business and be entertained. The plan overview has more information on these projects.

To find out more about the progress of the City Centre Masterplan, including the latest news and events, visit our get involved page.

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