City Centre Masterplan


Overview of the masterplan

Move 6: The Green Link


We aim to connect Auckland Domain, Albert Park and Victoria Park with the waterfront as part of a blue-green open space network.

In 2032:

  • Daldy Street in Wynyard Quarter will be a linear park connecting the quarter’s flagship Headland Park with Victoria Park
  • Victoria Street will be a high-amenity green link allowing Victoria and Albert parks to hold hands
  • pedestrians and cyclists will have better links across Grafton Gully and the Domain will be more connected to the city.


Whether you’re running in the wide space of Victoria Park or observing lunchtime life from a seat in Freyberg Place, the city centre’s parks or Green Rooms have their own personalities. The challenge is to link them together while keeping this individuality.

These projects will unite our parks in a network of tree-lined links criss-crossing the city and giving residents, workers and visitors more access to open space.

Daldy Street Linear Park

With opportunities for new, sizeable open space in the city centre mostly limited to waterfront areas, Daldy Street is vital as a linear park stitching Headland and Victoria parks together across Fanshawe Street.

Victoria Park to Pt Erin is another important blue-green connection. We need to carry out the Waterfront Plan’s Westhaven Drive project to realise the potential of this link. [add WDA link]

Victoria Street Linear Park
Linking Victoria and Albert parks, this linear park will be a breakout space for those visiting and working in the Engine Room. It could become an Auckland postcard image with a wave of green vegetation pouring down Victoria Street from Albert Park.

The linear park will create a sequence of attractive, safe and engaging open spaces that strongly integrate with the surrounding built form.

It will mean:

  • slower traffic and fewer lanes for vehicles
  • wider footpaths
  • more green amenity
  • buses continuing to run along the street’s length.

We can build this green link in stages, starting with pedestrian-friendly changes such as reducing waiting times at signalised intersections. The proposals are subject to further transport modelling and discussion with affected property owners.

Albert Park and Auckland Domain

Grafton Gully and its motorway limit the connection between the city centre and Auckland Domain. However, we will improve the pedestrian and cycle facilities along Wellesley Street and Grafton Road to link Albert Park to the Domain.

The eventual extension of the State Highway 16 connection to the port creates an opportunity for Stanley Street to operate as a city street, possibly with more sports facilities on its eastern side.

Stanley Street’s intersections with Grafton Road and Wellesley Street can be made safer for pedestrians at modest cost. A more radical and expensive possibility is to put a lid on top of parts of Stanley Street, creating a land bridge to house tennis and basketball courts, five-a-side pitches and a pool.  


  • S01 International destination
  • S02 A globally significant centre for business
  • S03 Meeting the needs of residential population
  • S04 Culturally rich and creative
  • S05 An exemplar of urban living
  • S06 Integrated regional transport
  • S07 Walkable and accessible
  • S08 Exceptional natural environment and leading environmental performer
  • S09 World-leading centre for higher education, research and innovation

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