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All feedback has been coded into themes and topics for analysis by council planners. The forms show handwritten comments, coding and notes that represent how the feedback was processed.

For privacy reasons we have removed all contact details and any additional personal information you may have provided. Only your name or organisation will be visible.

If you provided feedback using a proforma (the same feedback form signed and submitted individually by a number of people), all those who filled out the same or similar form will be listed on one document, rather than individually. You will need to scroll through the document to find your specific feedback.

Where submitters have specifically asked for their feedback to be withheld for privacy reasons, their feedback has not been published.

Key issues were identified from the feedback and discussed by Councillors and local board members, to set out changes for the Proposed Unitary Plan that was notified on 30 September.

Read our feedback overview (PDF 68KB) for an outline of the main areas of support and concern identified in the feedback.

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