Proposed Auckland Unitary Plan

Unitary Plan: the process so far

Like all successful cities across the world, Auckland is growing. This growth brings challenges, as well as opportunities, as we work towards our vision of becoming the world’s most liveable city.

The Auckland Unitary Plan will ensure that Auckland can meet its economic and housing needs and help its centres meet their real potential, while protecting and enhancing what Aucklanders treasure most.

The Unitary Plan will determine:

  • what can be built and where 
  • how to create a higher quality and more compact Auckland 
  • how to provide for rural activities 
  • how to maintain the marine environment.

It replaces the existing Regional Policy Statement and 13 existing district and regional plans. This is the next step in bringing Auckland together and delivering the vision of the Auckland Plan. Find out now which rules already apply.

The Unitary Plan process involved Auckland's most extensive public notification period, with the proposed plan open for submissions for five months, from 30 September 2013 to 28 February 2014.

Each unique request, and the details of who made it, has been collated into the Summary of Decisions Requested (SDR) report. This report will be the largest of its kind since the Resource Management Act came into effect in 1991.   

People had an opportunity to either support or oppose submitters' requests for changes by making a further submission from 11 June to 22 July 2014. The further submission period is now closed.

Unitary plan timeline

  • March-May 2013
    11-week public consultation on draft Unitary Plan
  • May-August 2013
    Feedback assessed; elected members discuss and agree changes
  • 30 Sept 2013
    Notification of Proposed Auckland Unitary Plan
  • Sept 2013 - Feb 2014
    Proposed Auckland Unitary Plan submissions process
  • March-May 2014
    Preparation of Summary of Decisions Requested report
  • 11 June 2014
    Notification of Summary of Decisions Requested report
  • 11 June - 22 July
    Further submissions process
  • September 2014
    Estimated start of pre-hearing meetings
  • November 2014
    Estimated start of hearings
  • April 2016
    Estimated end of hearings
  Indicates current position in timeline.

Accessing the proposed plan

The Proposed Auckland Unitary Plan is available online. See viewing the plan for guidance.

If you're using screen reader software, the print version includes HTML that is more compatible with these systems.

Copies of the plan are also available at our libraries, service centres and local board offices across Auckland, along with a range of guidance material, factsheets, and instructions on how to make a further submission.

The Auckland Unitary Plan Independent Hearings Panel

The Unitary Plan SDR report was notified on 11 June 2014. This marked the start of the further submissions phase, which closed at 5pm on 22 July 2014.

The next part of the process is that the council will analyse the submissions and further submissions to establish its position at the Auckland Unitary Plan Hearings.

An independent hearings panel has been appointed by the Government, chaired by Judge David Kirkpatrick.  The Panel’s job is to hear submissions on the Proposed Auckland Unitary Plan and then report back to Auckland Council with recommendations on the Plan.

The Panel is based at 205 Queen Street, and most of the hearings will take place there.  The Panel expects to start pre-hearing meetings in September and hearings towards the end of 2014.

For information about the panel members, their role and the hearing process itself, go to the Auckland Unitary Plan Independent Hearings Panel website.


For more information you can phone us on (09) 365 3786 or email the Unitary Plan team.