Auckland Unitary Plan

Unitary Plan modifications

On this page you will find a record of modifications that have been identified since the Auckland Unitary Plan became operative in part on 15 November 2016.

As at 15 August 2017

Modification schedule (PDF 107KB)

Proposed plan changes

A plan change is a change to the operative regional and district component of the Auckland Unitary Plan. This could either be initiated by council or a member of the public.

PC 1: Rezoning of Auckland Council owned properties that have been cleared for sale

PC 2: Aotea Square partial zone change

PC 3: Protection of views from Stockade Hill, Howick

Private plan changes remaining to legacy district plans

Notices of requirement to designate land (NoR)

A notice of requirement is an interim notice that protects land for a designated purpose until the designation is final. It is most often a public consultation but can be limited if appropriate.

A designation is a planning technique used by requiring authorities. These can be:

  • Ministers of the Crown
  • local authorities i.e. Auckland Council
  • network utilities.

NoR 1: AMETI Stage 2A

NoR 2: City Rail Link Designation 1714 and KiwiRail designation 6300

NoR 3: Alteration to Designation 1714 - City Rail Sub Strata

NoR 4: 11 Scott Road, Hobsonville

NoR 5: Alteration to Designation 1714 - City Rail Karangahape Road Station

NoR 6: Alteration to designation 1714 - City Rail Noise

Auckland Transport Designation 1715

North Harbour 2 Watermain

Newmarket level crossing

Runciman Reservoirs project

Medallion Drive Link (Oteha Valley Road to Fairview Avenue)

Designation - Huapai School and Early Childhood Education

NoR - 187 Flat Bush School Road, Manukau

NoR - Lincoln Road, Henderson

NoR - Northern interceptor Wastewater Pipeline and Associated infrastructure

Other plan updates

Some changes to the Unitary Plan don't need public consultation. These include:

  • Clause 20A - errata
  • Non-notified alterations to designations
  • Withdrawal of designations - partial or in full
  • Central Government directions e.g. change of legislation
  • Special Housing Areas

Plan updated: 14 December 2016

Plan updated: 10 January 2017

Plan updated: 10 March 2017

Plan updated: 24 March 2017

Plan updated: 11 April 2017

Plan updated: 20 June 2017

Plan updated: 23 June 2017

Plan updated: 5 July 2017

Plan updated: 14 July 2017

Plan updated: 21 July 2017

Plan updated: 10 August 2017

Environmental Protection Authority (EPA) call in

The EPA manages the decision-making process for proposals of national significance under the Resource Management Act 1991. Major roading projects and wind farms are examples of large infrastructure or public works projects that may be nationally significant proposals.

East West Link

Northern Corridor Improvements

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