Auckland Unitary Plan

What is the Unitary Plan?

Like all successful cities across the world, Auckland is growing. We will face many challenges and opportunities as we work towards our vision of becoming the world's most liveable city.

The Unitary Plan replaces the:

  • former¬†Regional Policy Statement and
  • 13 district and regional plans.

The plan will help Auckland meet its economic and housing needs by determining: 

  • what can be built and where
  • how to create a higher quality and more compact Auckland
  • how to provide for rural activities
  • how to maintain the marine environment.

The Unitary Plan process involved Auckland's most extensive public notification period. The proposed plan was open for submissions from 30 September 2013 to 28 February 2014.

Each request and the details of who made it was collated into the Summary of Decisions Requested (SDR) report. This report is the largest of its kind since the Resource Management Act came into effect in 1991.

People had an opportunity to support or oppose submitters' requests for changes by making a further submission from 11 June to 22 July 2014.

The Auckland Unitary Plan Independent Hearings Panel heard the submissions from September 2014 to May 2016.

The Auckland Unitary Plan is now operative in part.

To find out how we got to this point, see The Unitary Plan process.

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