The March 2013 draft of the Unitary Plan

March 2013 draft of the Unitary Plan

Auckland Council held extensive, 11-week informal engagement on the draft Auckland Unitary Plan from mid-March to the end of May 2013.

This was designed to encourage feedback across Auckland to help improve the Proposed Auckland Unitary Plan, which was notified on 30 September 2013.

We have prepared feedback reports providing a high-level summary of the key themes of discussion about the Unitary Plan. These can be viewed below.

The feedback on the March 2013 draft of the Unitary Plan is also available via the feedback search. You can search for your specific feedback or browse all feedback.

Alternatively, you can view or download the original text, maps and additional precincts from the March 2013 draft. 

Feedback reports - final

Summary of feedback (PDF 192KB)

Shape Auckland and Social Media (PDF 1.9MB)
Housing simulator (PDF 411KB)

Landscape (PDF 147KB)
Coastal (PDF 396KB)
Natural environment (PDF 409KB)
Trees, vegetation and Significant Ecological Areas (PDF 118KB)
Water quality and quantity, agrichemicals, wastewater and stormwater (PDF 404KB)

Built design (PDF 377KB)
Transport (PDF 125KB)
Infrastructure (PDF 118KB)

Precincts (PDF 97KB)
Public open space and major facilities (PDF 424KB)

Heritage and historic character (PDF 392KB)
Education precincts (PDF 296KB)
Treaty of Waitangi and Mana Whenua (PDF 422KB)

Residential zones (PDF 391KB)(PDF 391KB)
Business zones (PDF 138KB)
Rezoning requests (PDF 313KB)

Rural (PDF 153KB)
Urban growth (PDF 352KB)
Addendum to the draft Auckland Unitary Plan (PDF 325KB)

General (PDF 141KB)

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