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Technical publications 151-200

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Publication number  Title and year of publication 
151  Annual Report - Manukau Harbour Shellfish Quality Survey 2000 (2001) 
154 A strategy for determining wave climate in the Auckland Region 1995 (2002) 
160 Physiological responses to mangroves and saltmarsh to sedimentation (2001) 

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Publication number  Title and year of publication 
163 Prediction of contaminant accumulation in Auckland estuaries (2002) 
164 Ecological monitoring of the Okura estury. Report 2: final report for the year 2000-200. (2001) 
165 Contingency plan for the Auckland volcanic field (2002) 
166 Evidence for the effects of catchment sediment runoff preserved in estuarine sediments (2001) 
168 Blueprint for monitoring urban receiving environments (2002) 
168 (revised edition)

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Publication number  Title and year of publication 

172 Western Springs groundwater investigation 1995-1996 drilling programme (1999) 
173  Lifelines co-ordination (response) project AELG-2 (2002) 
174 Indicators of fish health : an assessment of their utility for monitoring environmental quality and effects of contamination in an estuarine environment (2001) 
175 Mahurangi Estuary ecological monitoring programme : report on data collected from July 1994 to January 2001 (2001) 
176 Ecological monitoring programme for Manukau Harbour : report on data collected up to April 2001 (2001) 
177 State of the environment monitoring program. Waitemata sampling report - intertidal . December 2001 (2001) 
178 State of the environment monitoring program. Waitemata sampling report. August 2001 report (2001) 
179 The Long Bay monitoring program: sampling report July 2000-June (2001) 
180 Extent of civil defence emergency management planning in the Auckland region (2002) 

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Publication number  Title and year of publication 
181  Management mechanisms used by emergency management agencies for natural and technological hazards in the Auckland region: Auckland Region Civil Defence Emergency Management Group: final report (2002) 
182 Factors related to the sustainability of shellfish aquaculture operations in the Firth of Thames: a preliminary analysis (2002) 
184 The development of criteria for assessing community health of urban intertidal flats 
190 Baseline water quality survey of the Auckland region: annual report: January-December 2001

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Title and year of publication 

193 Marine sediment monitoring programme 1998-2001: review of results and procedures 
195 North-East Auckland water resource quantity statement (2003) 
197 A history of Te Maketu 
200 Framework to implement Lifelines strategies: to assist Lifelines organisations to gain maximum benefit from Lifelines Projects 

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