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TR2013/001 - New Zealand General Social Survey 2010 - Results for Auckland (PDF 717KB)

A report from Auckland Council's Research, Investigations and Monitoring Unit on the Auckland results from the New Zealand General Social Survey conducted by Statistics New Zealand in 2010.


TR2013/002 - Pharmaceutical residues in the Auckland estuarine environment (PDF 876KB)

The report describes the methodology, including advance spectrometry techniques, and results of investigations into pharmaceuticals in Auckland aquatic receiving environment sediments. It also makes recommendations for future follow-up work.


TR2013/003 - Changes in indigenous ecosystems and the environment within the boundary of the Waitakere Ranges Heritage Area Act 2008: 2008-2013 report (PDF 3.2MB)

A report about the state of ecosystems in the Waitakere Ranges, 2008 to 2013. Required under the Waitakere Ranges Heritage Area Act 2008.


TR2013/005 - The labour market and skills in Auckland (PDF 1.3MB)

The report collates and analyses data relating to the labour market and skills training in Auckland.


TR2013/006 An assessment of cost benefit analysis approaches to mangrove management (PDF 622KB)

A report on an analysis of the costs and benefits of options for mangrove management, including catchment management.


TR2013/007 - Comparative suitability of native submerged macrophytes in constructed stormwater wetlands in the Auckland region: a literature review (PDF 1.7MB)

A literature review about indigenous submerged plants that have the potential for growing in stormwater wetlands, and any wetland design considerations that may favour indigenous over exotic species.


Capacity for Growth Study 2012 Methodology and Assumptions

A report on the methods and assumptions used in the Capacity for Growth Study 2012.


Capacity for Growth Study 2012 Results

A report on the results of the Capacity for Growth Study 2012. The study is a point-in-time snapshot of the district plan capacity for Auckland as at May 2012, revealing the opportunities for growth and development under the operative district plan.


TR2013/011 - Media specification for stormwater bioretention devices April 2013 (PDF 4.2MB)

This research report provides a guide to the design of stormwater management devices including bioretention devices based on international best practice adapted for local conditions.


TR2013/012 - Ethnicity and migration in Auckland (PDF 6.3MB)

This report collates literature on ethnicity in Auckland and includes extracts from quantitative surveys on Auckland ethnicity.


TR2013/014 - Soil quality of plantation forestry sites in the Auckland region 2011 (PDF 2.0MB)

A report on soil types and quality in Auckland plantation forests.


TR2013/014 - Walkable catchments analysis at Auckland train and Northern Busway stations 2013 (PDF 689KB)

Appendix 1-4 (PDF 2.4MB)

Appendix 5 part 1 (PDF 10.4MB)

Appendix 5 part 2 (PDF 10MB)

Appendix 6 (PDF 8.9MB)

A report on surveys of bus and train passengers investigating how far passengers walked to a bus or train station.


TR2013/015 - Auckland's urban estuaries: management opportunities - chapter 1-3 (PDF 9.7MB)
TR2013/015 Auckland's urban estuaries: management opportunities - chapter 4-7 (PDF 5.0MB)

The report investigates alternative concepts for the containment and treatment of stormwater contaminants for Auckland's estuaries and tidal creeks.


TR2013/016 - Industry snapshot for Auckland: niche manufacturing (PDF 987KB)

The report looks at a component of Auckland's manufacturing sector, "niche manufacturing", and its contribution to the Auckland and New Zealand economies.


TR2013/017 - Classification of stormwater-borne solids: a literature review (PDF 1.4MB)

The report provides a literature review of studies which define and explain stormwater-borne solids.


TR2013/018 - Hydraulic energy management: inlet and outlet design for treatment devices (PDF 7.2MB)

This report updates and replaces chapter 13 and other sections of the Auckland Regional Council's Technical Publication 10 (TP10) - Stormwater Management Devices: design guidelines manual (see Technical Publications).


TR2013/019 - Land and soil monitoring programme 2013 (PDF 383KB)

An overview of Auckland Council's land and soil monitoring programme.


TR2013/020 - Caring for urban streams part 1 (PDF 5.7MB)
TR2013/020 Caring for urban streams part 2 appendices (PDF 9.5MB)

The report includes information on stream health, provides solutions for problems associated with stream management, lists legislative responsibilities, and provides general guidance on urban stream management.


TR2013/021 - Literature review of mechanisms to regulate the supply of alcohol for the development of Auckland Council's local alcohol policy (PDF 649KB)

A review of professional and academic literature about regulating the supply of alcohol in a local government context.


TR2013/022 - Domestic fire emissions 2012 options for meeting national environmental standard for PM10 (PDF 1.1MB)

A report on a study that assesses a range of policy options to reduce emissions from domestic fires in Auckland.


TR2013/023 - Patterns and Rates of Recent Sedimentation and Intertidal Vegetation Changes in the Kaipara Harbour (PDF 8.3MB)

A joint Auckland Council, Northern Regional Council study that describes sedimentation in the Kaipara Harbour over the last 50–100 years, based on detailed analysis of sediment cores collected from intertidal flats.


TR2013/024 - Defining hydrologic mitigation targets for stormwater design in Auckland (PDF 1.8MB)

This report expands the quantitative design approach for Low Impact Design (LID) stormwater devices in Auckland. 


TR2013/025 - Marine monitoring plan (PDF 707KB)

This report provides a high-level description of Auckland Council's monitoring of the Auckland marine environment.


TR2013/026 - Review of Best Management Practices for Aquatic Vegetation Control in Stormwater Ponds, Wetlands, and Lakes (PDF 3.9MB)

A report about managing aquatic vegetation in stormwater systems.


TR2013/027 - Manukau Harbour ecological monitoring programme: report on data collected up until February 2013 (PDF 2.5MB)

This report updates the Manukau Harbour ecological monitoring programme started by the Auckland Regional Council in 1987.


TR2013/028 - Industry Snapshot for Auckland: Creative Sector (PDF 1.5MB)

The report provides an overview and assessment of the Auckland creative industries sector.


TR2013/029 - Air quality domestic options cost benefit analysis 2013 update final report (PDF 898KB)

A report on the findings of a cost benefits analysis of domestic fire policy options, aimed at improving Auckland’s air quality.


TR2013/030 - Marine water quality annual report 2010 (PDF 839KB)

A report on results from the 2010 Auckland marine water quality monitoring programme.


TR2013/031 - Marine water quality annual report 2011 (PDF 845KB)

A report on results from the 2011 Auckland marine water quality monitoring programme.


TR2013/032 - State of the environment monitoring river water quality annual report 2012 (PDF 805KB)

A report on results from the 2012 Auckland river water quality monitoring programme.


TR2013/033 - Ecological responses to urban stormwater hydrology (PDF 2.3MB)

This report presents the findings of scientific studies about the impacts of catchment urbanisation on stream ecosystems, focusing on the effects of altered flow regimes.


TR2013/034 - A literature review on the effects of living wage policies (PDF 386KB)

A report on literature about the potential impacts of introducing a living wage for Auckland Council employees.


TR2013/035 - Auckland Unitary Plan stormwater management provisions: technical basis of contaminat and volume management provisions (PDF 3.2MB)

Appendices A (PDF 39KB)
Appendices B (PDF 130KB)
Appendices C (PDF 183KB)
Appendices D (PDF 39KB)
Appendices E1-E10 (PDF 72KB)
Appendices E11-E30 (PDF 4.7MB)
Appendices E31-E50 (PDF 5.2MB)
Appendices E51-E70 (PDF 5.7MB)
Appendices E71-E90 (PDF 5.2MB)
Appendices E91-E110 (PDF 6MB)
Appendices E111-E130 (PDF 5.6MB)
Appendices E131-E150 (PDF 5.8MB)
Appendices E151-E170 (PDF 4.7MB)
Appendices E171-E184 (PDF 4.5MB)
Appendices F (PDF 221KB)
Appendices G (PDF 3.2MB)
Appendices H (PDF 613KB)

This report outlines the important aspects of stormwater management in the Proposed Auckland Unitary Plan. It provides the technical and scientific evidence base to support Unitary Plan provisions for land use controls that manage stormwater contaminants and stormwater volume/flow.


TR2013/036 - Auckland economic development strategy targets and intermediate outcomes: a baseline report 2012 (PDF 665KB) 

A report that identifies all data sources that were used to create baseline data for the Auckland Economic Development Strategy.


TR2013/038 - Mahurangi Estuary ecological monitoring programme: Report on data collected from July 1994 to January 2013 (PDF 5.1MB)

A report on the Mahurangi Estuary ecological monitoring programme.


TR2013/039 - Dare to explore II Auckland Libraries' summer reading adventure evaluation (PDF 792KB)

The report describes the results of an evaluation of Auckland Libraries’ Dare to Explore II, a summer reading programme for children.


TR2013/040 - Stormwater disposal via soakage in the Auckland region (PDF 13.2MB)

The report provides technical information about disposing large quantities of stormwater into the ground.


TR2013/041 - Soil quality for indigenous vegetation sites in the Auckland region 2012 (PDF 14.1MB)

A report on soil sampling analysis of Auckland land sites classed as 'indigenous' and previously monitored between 1996 and 2000.


TR2013/042 - Quantifying catchment sediment yields in Auckland (PDF 2.6MB)

A report on sediment yields for ten sediment monitored catchments in Auckland.


TR2013/043 - Auckland Unitary Plan stormwater management provisions: cost and benefit assessment (PDF 3.4MB)

Appendix (PDF 5.7MB)

The report focuses on stormwater quality and flow management and provides support information for the Proposed Auckland Unitary Plan.


TR2013/044 - Temperature as a contaminant in streams in the Auckland region, stormwater issues and management options (PDF 7.9MB)

The report summarises literature about the thermal effects of stormwater runoff in Auckland streams, provides information on the temperature regimes in Auckland stream catchments and reviews stormwater management options for temperature mitigation in streams.


TR2013/045 - Living roof review and design recommendations for stormwater management (PDF 8.7MB)

A report that provides practical guidance on the design of living roofs that are suitable for the Auckland climate.


TR2013/046 - Auckland retail economic evidence base (PDF 7.3MB)

A report that collates and analyses the economic evidence for the retail policy direction in the Proposed Auckland Unitary Plan.


TR2013/048 - Children and young people first: analysis of engagement with children and young people for the Auckland Plan (PDF 664KB)

This report describes an engagement process working with children and young people, seeking their views on Auckland, that was conducted as part of the development of the draft Auckland Plan.


TR2013/050 - Auckland’s elite and prime land similar messages and continued trade-offs 54 years later (PDF 657KB)

A report on the amount of elite and prime land that has been lost to urban development in Auckland.


TR2013/051 -Marine water quality annual report 2012 (PDF 1.1MB)

A report on results from the 2012 Auckland marine water quality monitoring programme.


TR2013/052 - “We All Get Along” Social Cohesion in Three Auckland Suburbs (PDF 976KB)

A report on a study assessing social cohesion in three Auckland suburbs -  Albany, New Lynn and Papatoetoe.


TR2013/053 - Auckland's air quality monitoring plan (PDF 372KB)

An overview of Auckland Council's air quality monitoring plan.


TR2013/054 - Shellfish contaminant monitoring programme: status and trends analysis 1987 - 2011 (PDF 6.1MB)

An analysis of data collected from the shellfish contaminant monitoring programme.


TR2013/055 - Shellfish contaminant monitoring programme review (PDF 2.2MB)

An audit and assessment of the Auckland Council's shellfish contaminant monitoring programme.


TR2013/056 - Mulch Specification for Stormwater Bioretention Devices (PDF 3.6MB)

The report identifies bioretention mulches currently used in Auckland and overseas, and their characteristics. It includes a literature review; a review of available mulches in Auckland; testing of available mulches; and discussion with recommendations.


TR2013/057 - Valuing artists in Auckland: report on a survey of Auckland artists 2013
(PDF 579KB)

The report summarises the results of an online survey of Auckland artists, August 2013.

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