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TR2016/001 Residential property amalgamation and aggregation in Auckland, 2004-2014 (PDF 7.5MB)

The report:

  • identifies the location and extent of property amalgamations and aggregations in Auckland by analysing spatial datasets
  • discusses the drivers and motivations of people who undertake property amalgamations and aggregations.

See related bulletin:
Auckland Research and Policy Bulletin 3: Residential property amalgamation and aggregation in Auckland, 2004-2014 (PDF 1.2MB)


TR2016/002 Watercourse assessment methodology: Infrastructure and ecology, version 2.0 (PDF 6.1MB)

This report describes watercourse assessment methods.
A watercourse assessment collects and analyses a range of watercourse data for the management of stream ecological health, stormwater infrastructure and stormwater conveyance.


TR2016/003 Auckland Economic Development Strategy monitoring report 2015 (PDF 562KB)

The report discusses the current state and recent trends for all targets in the Auckland Economic Development Strategy. It updates two previous reports:

  • Auckland Economic Development Strategy targets and intermediate outcomes: A baseline report 2012 (TR2013/036), and
  • Auckland Economic Development Strategy monitoring report 2014 (TR2015/011).


TR 2016/004 An assessment of the Hauraki Gulf Cable Protection Area, relative to the adjacent seafloor (PDF 8.7MB)

The Hauraki Gulf Cable Protection Area is a mapped corridor where fishing and anchoring is prohibited, protecting a major international communications cable.
This report describes an ecological survey of the cable protection area and assesses impacts on seafloor communities.


TR2016/006 An update on emerging organic contaminants of concern for New Zealand with guidance on monitoring approaches for councils (PDF 1.1MB)

A report about emerging organic contaminants and how New Zealand councils can monitor them.


TR2016/007 Auckland Plan targets monitoring report 2015 with data for the Southern Initiative area (PDF 6.5MB)

A report on the monitoring of Auckland Plan targets.


TR2016/008 State of the environment monitoring: River water quality state and trends in Auckland 2005 - 2014 (PDF 3.7MB)

A summary of monthly river water quality data and trend analysis from 29 Auckland river water sampling sites.


TR2016/009 Weymouth Beach faecal source investigation (PDF 1.8MB)

A report on faecal contamination at Weymouth Beach.


TR2016/010 The management of hydrocarbons in stormwater runoff: a literature review (PDF 1.4MB)

A literature review that considers published reports on the nature of hydrocarbon contamination in urban stormwater systems.


TR2016/012 Auckland West coast lagoons: Sources of faecal contamination (PDF 2.7MB)

A report on sources of faecal contamination in Auckland's West coast lagoons.


TR2016/014 Youth mobilities in the Southern Initiative, Auckland: transport practices and experiences of 15-24 year olds (PDF 1.6MB)

A report on a study that investigated the way in which access to transport affects the lives of people aged 15-24 in the Southern Initiative area of Auckland - the Māngere-Ōtāhuhu, Manurewa, Ōtara-Papatoetoe, and Papakura local board areas.


TR2016/015 Elevated nitrate concentrations in Franklin surface and groundwater: A review (PDF 3.9MB)

A report on elevated nitrate concentrations in Franklin water bodies.


TR2016/016 Cloak or skin: Perceptions of Māori responsiveness in Auckland Council’s Research and Evaluation Unit, RIMU (PDF 1.1MB)

A report on the perceptions and attitudes to Māori responsiveness of staff in Auckland Council's Research and Evaluation Unit, RIMU.
It provides the foundation on which to build a Māori responsiveness plan for RIMU based on Whiria Te Muka Tangata, Auckland Council's Māori responsiveness framework.


TR2016/017 Coastal inundation by storm-tides and waves in Auckland (PDF 12.3MB)

A report that collates NIWA reports about coastal inundation in Auckland and includes an Auckland Council overview.


TR2016/018 Understanding the costs and benefits of planning regulations: a guide for the perplexed (PDF 3MB)

A report that identifies a framework that can be used to identify, quantify and compare the costs and benefits of individual planning regulations.


TR2016/020 Auckland marine sediment contaminant monitoring: data report for November 2015 sampling (PDF 1.4MB)

A report on data from Auckland Council's marine sediment monitoring programme, October-November 2015.


TR2016/022 A profile of children and young people in Auckland (PDF 5.6MB)

The report presents important trends in demography, education and employment, and discusses the topics of health, poverty and safety, in relation to children and young people in Auckland. Children are identified as aged 0 to 14 years and young people as aged between 15 and 24 years.


TR2016/023 Stream ecological valuation: application to intermittent streams (PDF 7.2MB)

A report on the findings of an investigation designed to test the Stream Ecological Valuation (SEV) technique in intermittent streams and to create reference site data used to calculate SEV scores for intermittent streams.

To view the Stream Ecological Valuation (SEV) technical reports, user's guide and supporting documents, see Technical publications and research > Stream Ecological Valuation (SEV)


TR2016/024 Auckland Marine sediment contaminant monitoring: Drury Creek, June 2015 (PDF 3.9MB)

A report on data from Auckland Council's marine sediment monitoring programme for Drury Creek, June 2015.


TR2016/025 Tamariki Māori ki Tamaki Makaurau. A study of Auckland Māori children under five and their whānau (PDF 1.2MB)

A report on the well-being and resilience of tamariki Māori under the age of five years and their wider whānau living in Auckland.

The research starts with the assumption that the well-being of tamariki is related to the whanau – people who are collectively involved in raising them. Improving the well-being of tamariki and their whānau contributes to the goals and vision expressed in both the Auckland Plan and the Māori Plan for Tāmaki Makaurau.


TR2016/026 Māori and housing in Tāmaki Makaurau: a stocktake of issues, experiences and initiatives (PDF 5.6MB)

The report draws on existing literature and data to provide an understanding of the housing issues faced by many Māori living in Auckland.


TR2016/027 Pacific people and housing in Auckland: a stocktake of issues, experiences and initiatives (PDF 5MB)

The report draws on existing literature and data to provide an understanding of the housing issues faced by Pacific people living in Auckland.


Mahurangi Estuary ecological monitoring programme. Report on data collected from July 1994 to January 2015 (PDF 7.0MB)

Data report from the Mahurangi Estuary ecological monitoring programme 1994-2015.


Manukau Harbour ecological monitoring programme. Report on data collected up until February 2015 (PDF 4.1MB)

Data report from the Manukau Harbour ecological monitoring programme 2015.


TR2016/031 How do Aucklanders value their parks? A hedonic analysis of the impact of proximity to open space on residential property values (PDF 1.8MB)

A report that assesses how much Aucklanders value their parks by investigating whether home-buyers are willing to pay more to live close to parks


TR2016/032 Perceptions of living in the inner city: survey of Auckland inner city residents 2016 (PDF 1.6MB)

The report presents the results of a survey of 671 Auckland inner city residents, undertaken in March and April 2016. The survey explores residents’ levels of satisfaction with aspects of living in the inner city, and provides an update on results from the 2013 baseline survey.


TR2016/034 State of the environment monitoring: river water quality annual report 2015 (PDF2.3MB)

A report on results from the 2015 Auckland river water quality monitoring programme.


Models for estimating sediment yields in the Waikato-Auckland-Northland region. A comparison (PDF 4.9MB)

An overview and comparison of scientific models for estimating sediment yields in the Waikato-Auckland-Northland region.


Long Bay sediment contaminant monitoring: a review of data collected from 1998 to 2013 (PDF 2.8MB

The report provides an overview of Auckland Council’s sediment quality
monitoring at Long Bay. It includes:

  • an outline of the sampling procedures used and a summary of the results
  • an assessment of "contaminant status"
  • an evaluation of temporal trends
  • commentary on the quality of the contaminant
    data obtained.


TR2016/038 Land supply constraints and housing prices in New Zealand (PDF 2.5MB)

A report on New Zealand housing prices and their relationship to land supply.


TR2016/039 Technical aspects of integrating water quality science in freshwater and coastal environments (PDF 5.6MB)

The report is a technical assessment of the existing guidelines and limits used to classify freshwater for water quality management purposes.

It also provides an overview of the technical considerations required to integrate coastal and freshwater science. This is for the purposes of establishing objectives and limits under the New Zealand National Policy Statement on Freshwater Management 2014, and the New Zealand Coastal Policy Statement.


TR2016/041 Te Auaunga Awa (Oakley Creek) social evaluation: report 1 - engagement (PDF 3.1MB)

An evaluation of the engagement conducted for Auckland Council’s Te Auaunga Awa (Oakley Creek) Walmsley and Underwood Reserves restoration project. The project was a trial of a new way of engaging with Mana Whenua, local boards and the community to achieve enhanced project and social outcomes.

See also, Lessons for successful Mana Whenua engagement (334KB)

TR2016/042 Auckland Plan targets: monitoring report 2016 (PDF 3.6MB)

A report on the monitoring of Auckland Plan targets.


Quality of Life Survey 2016 – results for Auckland (PDF 1.7MB)

The report provides an overview of results from the 2016 Quality of Life survey for Auckland. It presents the results of all survey questions, Auckland wide and broken down by local board, as well as by age and ethnicity.

For more information visit the Quality of Life website.


Auckland’s greenhouse gas inventory to 2014 (PDF 753KB)

The Auckland Plan has an aspirational target to achieve a 40 per cent reduction in greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions by 2040. Auckland’s Low Carbon Action Plan describes the pathways and specific actions to achieve the target.

This report is an inventory that identifies and quantifies the sources and sinks of GHGs in Auckland. It is an essential tool to inform and evaluate our progress.


Soil Quality for Drystock and Lifestyle-Converted Sites in the Auckland Region in 2015 and Changes after 20 years (PDF 1.7MB)

An assessment of soil quality for drystock and lifestyle-converted sites in Auckland. Changes to sites over a 20 year period are also analysed.


Consumer spending in Māngere town centre: an overview and comparison with other town centres in the Southern Initiative (PDF 5.8MB)

A report that examines spending data for Māngere town centre, identifying:

  • where people come from when they visit Māngere
  • the geographic area that Māngere serves
  • the level and pattern of retail and services activity in the centre.

The Māngere town centre retail activity is then compared with other similar town centres in the Southern Initiative area.


Determinants of wellbeing for older Aucklanders (PDF 1.2MB)

A review of literature on ageing and the determinants of wellbeing in older adults. This will help select appropriate indicators for monitoring progress in this area for Auckland.

The review included:

  • peer reviewed academic publications
  • grey literature published by governments and community organisations associated with the elderly.

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