Pre-application advice

Where to go for pre-application advice

If you're planning a development, subdivision or building that may need consents or permits, we recommend talking to us before submitting your application.

Early discussions with us will help you make informed decisions about your application and avoid unnecessary processing delays.

For simple inquiries, we offer up to 15 minutes of free assistance at all of our area offices, where you can speak to an expert about your project. We also offer this service over the telephone or via email for those who are unable to make it to one of our offices.

For other applications, and especially complex proposals, we offer individually tailored pre-application meetings, where you can discuss your proposal in more detail with the relevant staff.

If you're not sure whether you need a pre-application meeting, call us on 09 301 0101, fill out our online contact us form, or visit one of our customer service centres.

Benefits of pre-application meetings
How to request a meeting
What will happen at the meeting?
When you should talk to us
Getting the most out of your meeting

Benefits of pre-application meetings

Pre-application meetings are available for projects requiring building consents, resource consents, or both. The meetings can help you:

  • confirm if you need any consents, permits or licences
  • understand the process of applying for a consent
  • understand the costs of the process, and related charges such as financial and development contributions fees
  • get guidance about who you should be talking to and what expertise you may need to help you
  • find sources of information to help you prepare your application
  • identify what to focus on when assembling information to support your application
  • develop relationships and rapport with council staff
  • lodge an application that will be processed efficiently and without delay.

You may benefit from a resource consent pre-application meeting if your project involves:

  • using, developing or subdividing land
  • activities in the coastal marine area
  • discharging contaminants to land, air or water
  • taking, using, damming or diverting water
  • industrial trade processes
  • contaminated land, or
  • works in the beds of lakes or rivers.

A building control pre-application meeting may be advisable if your project involves any sort of construction.

If your proposal involves both resource and building elements, you can request either kind of meeting and we will ensure that the right people attend.


How to request a meeting

Postal address:
Pre-application meeting
Auckland Council
Private Bag 92300
Auckland 1142

In addition to the form, please provide any conceptual plans, drawings, photos, draft assessments of environmental effects or other relevant information you have.

The more time we have to consider this information before the meeting, the better. We therefore request a minimum turnaround of five working days following the request to arrange the meeting.


What will happen at the meeting?

A planner or building consent officer  will usually facilitate the meeting (held at council offices).

At the meeting, you can discuss:

  • initial concepts
  • detailed design aspects
  • specialist technical requirements
  • any other requirements.

Council officers will give professional guidance on your proposal and provide advice where possible.

We encourage you to provide any existing technical drawings, concept plans or project information before the meeting, so that our officers can research potential issues for discussion.

Please note, however, the meeting will not pre-empt the outcome of the building or resource consent process, or provide any commitment about your application.

Once lodged, the application will still need to be assessed against the requirements of the Resource Management Act and/or Building Act.

After the meeting we will send you a written record of the matters we discussed at the meeting and the advice we provided. Where relevant, we'll also refer you to websites and other information sources where you can access more information to help with your project.

We designed the process to make it easier for you to submit a comprehensive, technically complete consent application.



A standard proposal will incur a fixed fee of $287 (including GST). You will be invoiced for any further costs (such as a second meeting) as they are incurred.

For complex proposals there is a deposit fee of $287 (including GST). Additional actual and reasonable costs will be invoiced as they are incurred. Standard hourly rates for all staff (excluding administrators) apply.

We will tell you if your proposal is standard or complex. You can request an estimate of pre-application costs if your proposal is likely to be complex.

Payment needs to be made when you request the meeting.

For more information on the charging policy see the Information sheet for pre-application meetings for resource consent (PDF 58KB).


When you should talk to us

How far along you are in your planning will influence:

  • when and how you choose to engage with us
  • what you want to discuss
  • the information we may ask you to provide
  • what preparation and follow-up you might do.

Speaking to us at the concept, prelimimary design or draft stages of your project will ensure you have a good understanding of what needs to be done to progress your project.

Remember there is no wrong time to be talking to us!

Pre-application diagram.


Getting the most out of your meeting

To help ensure you get the maximum benefit from your pre-application meeting, and so we can prepare appropriately, it is important you:

  • let us know about the topics or issues you would like to discuss in advance
  • provide us with as much detailed information as possible, bearing in mind that it is absolutely fine to discuss your ideas even when they are only conceptual
  • bring your client or professional advisors, such as planners, architects or engineers, to the meeting if this is appropriate.

Please note

Any views expressed by council staff in or following a pre-application meeting are the preliminary views of those staff, made in good faith based on the information supplied and their knowledge of the relevant rules.

It remains the applicant’s responsibility to take their own professional planning and legal advice, and to rely solely on that advice, in making any application for consents, permits or licenses.


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