Pre-application advice

Fire engineering brief process

The purpose of the Fire Engineering Brief (FEB) process is to identify and discuss fire safety design solutions with stakeholders at an early stage. For projects where fire safety design solutions differ from the Acceptable Solutions, an FEB meeting may be required.

Designs using verification method C/VM2 or specific design, carry a risk of delay or refusal of the building consent application if the design is not supported by appropriate documentation including the FEB.

Designs using the acceptable solutions are not subject to the FEB process and can be lodged in the normal manner. We recommend that all applicable information is provided to ensure the application can be fully assessed.

  • The decision to discuss the FEB formally is solely at the council's discretion; all applications must be submitted for a review and decision.
  • A peer reviewer cannot undertake this process on the council's behalf.
  • If you have difficulty attaching large files to the online form, please contact the FEB team.
  • FEB meetings are held only at the Central Service Centre, 35 Graham Street, Auckland CBD.

Note: Fields marked with an asterisk (*) are mandatory.

Project location

Street address of building: (for structures that do not have a street address, state the nearest street intersection and the distance and direction from that intersection)*
Legal description of land where building is located: (state legal description as at the date of application and, if the land is proposed to be subdivided, include details of relevant lot numbers and subdivision consent)*
Project details: (please provide a brief outline of the proposed development)*
Please highlight and attach flowchart showing how design inputs are determined for C/VM2 (refer to flowchart in C/VM2 published by Department of Building and Housing).
NB: Permission must be obtained prior to FEB process if using Specific design.

Design concept

Details of the proposed design concept:*


List of all stakeholders who should attend this meeting:
Name: Auckland Council
Role in project: Regulator
Email address:
Role in project: DRU, NZ Fire Service
Email address:
Role in project: Fire engineer
Email address:*
Role in project: Architect/Designer
Email address:*
Role in project: Owner
Email address:*
Role in project:
Email address:
Role in project:
Email address:

Applicants details

Applicant/company name:*
Contact person:
Postal address:*
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Business phone:*
Afterhours phone:
Mobile number:
Facsimile number:
I am the:

Date: 23 July 2017

Debtor details

Person responsible for incurring the actual and reasonable costs incurred by Council in response to this request.
Meeting costs to be invoiced to:*
Debtor's name:*
Relationship to project (e.g. owner):*
Postal address:*
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Supporting documents

Document check

(if all relevant information is not provided, the application may not be accepted)
Occupant numbers: (confirm numbers have been calculated using occupant densities*
Project scope*
Quality of documentation in accordance with IPENZ Practice Note 22*
Computer modelling*
Site plan showing the location of other buildings, the location of street fire hydrants and NZFS attendance point*
As built floor plan of each floor level*
Proposed floor plans of each level showing proposed locations of fire and/or smoke separations including fire and smoke stop doors including self closers and approved hold open devices*
Floor plans on each level showing the primary entrance, all exits and escape routes*
Floor plans of the building showing design fire scenario locations*
Locations of brigade inlet, fire hydrants, alarm panel, etc*
Cross- sections showing escape route heights*
Elevations showing relationship to neighbouring properties*
Flow charts showing design process (Must be provided for C/VM2 only)*
Justification for specific design (must be agreed to before FEB process)*
Attach supporting documents in PDF format, 200dpi:
Please note you are able to upload multiple files, but no one file should exceed 5MB.


Terms and conditions

The views expressed by Council staff in or following an FEB meeting are the officers' preliminary views, made in good faith, based on the applicants' proposal. The Council makes no warranty, express or implied, nor assumes any legal liability or responsibility for the accuracy, correctness, completeness or use of any information or views communicated as part of the pre-application process.

To the extent permissible by law, the Council expressly disclaims any liability to the applicant (under any theory of law including negligence) in relation to any pre-application process. The applicant also recognises that any information it provides to the Council maybe required to be disclosed under the Local Government Official Information and Meetings Act 1987 (unless there is good reason to withhold the information under that Act).

Information on fees and charges are available on the Council website or can be obtained via our call centre on 09 301 0101 or from our service centres.

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