Producer statements

A producer statement is a document from a council-approved expert.

We may accept the producer statement as evidence that the design or building work complies, or will comply, with the Building Code.  

We only issue a building consent or a code compliance certificate if we are reasonably satisfied that your building work complies or will comply with the Building Code, and a producer statement is one way of helping us decide. 

Here are some examples of work where a producer statement might be submitted:

  • an engineer may provide a statement relating to foundations
  • a mechanical engineer may provide a statement relating to heating ventilation and air-conditioning systems.

In order to submit producer statements to us, the specialist must first be registered with us as an approved producer statement author. 

Producer statement authors register (PDF 2.68MB)

Producer statement policy (PDF 121KB)

Inspection notification for waterproofers (PDF 53KB)

View our producer statement forms:

Become an approved author

To apply to become an approved producer statement or certificate of acceptance author, download, complete and return:

AC2317 Application to become a producer statement author (PDF 100KB)

AC2337 Application to become a certificate of acceptance author (PDF 100KB)

It takes 20 working days to evaluate a producer statement author application.

Once approved, authors must renew their registration every three years.

Approval to perform high-risk work

If you're already an approved producer statement author and need approval to perform high-risk work in relation to a producer statement, download, complete and return:

AC2325 Application to perform high-risk work (PDF 102KB)


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