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Quay Street, Auckland City

Submissions close: 23 June 2017

The proposal involves the construction of a new 1km separated two-way cycleway, being an extension of the existing Quay Street Cycleway. It will be constructed within the existing road reserve of Quay Street between Plumer Street and The Strand.  the cycleway will form part of the wider Auckland cycleway network.

Application numbers: R/TRC/2017/293
Applicant: Auckland Transport
Address For Service: Auckland Transport
Post: Private Bag 92250
Auckland 1142
Attention: Richard Black 

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1502 Weranui Road, Wainui

Submissions close: 21 June 2017


Consent is sought to undertake a 4 staged, 28 lot rural residential subdivision / boundary relocation, along with 2 larger rural balance lots, and 4 existing titles that will be subject to land covenants for bush protection.  The subdivision also includes a rural services depot and film lot, 2 road reserve lots to be vested to Auckland Council, together with the protection of approximately 64ha of bush and 66ha of  revegetation planting areas. Access is of Weranui Road.

Consent is also sought for earthworks involving approximately 21,000m³ (12,000m³ of cut and 9000m³ of fill) over an area of 5.5ha within a sediment control protection area and to divert and discharge stormwater from approximately 12.6ha of impervious areas associated with the establishment of the new road surfaces, driveways and buildings associated with the subdivision.

The proposal is a non-complying activity.

Application numbers: BUN60069542, SUB60069585 & DIS60069586
Applicant: Rahopara Farms Limited and Cabra Rural Developments Ltd
Address For Service: MacDonnell Consulting Ltd
Post: Boundary Consultants Ltd
PO Box  35 928
Browns Bay
North Shore 0753

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32 Tennyson Avenue, Takapuna

Submissions close: 08 June 2017

Consent to build two 5 storey apartment buildings containing 53 residential units.

Application numbers: BUN60069941, WAT60069942 & LUC60069885
Applicant: McLeod Family Trust and Coxley Hall Ltd
Address For Service: Tollemache Consultants
Tollemache Consultants
PO Box  52015
Auckland 1352 

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31B Garelja Road, 6 Amokura Street and 34 Keeling Road, Henderson

Submissions close: 06 June 2017

This application is a proposal for a Land use and boundary adjustment. The applicant wishes to adjust the boundary between 31B Garelja Road, 6 Amokura Street and 34 Keeling Road as part of this development.  Also land use consent for both proposed Lot 1 and 1 of 2. The application includes an assessment of environment effects. Overall, consent is required as a Non Complying Activity.

Application numbers: BUN60068656, LUC60068605
& SUB60068695
Applicant: Huhtamaki Henderson Ltd
Address For Service: Boundary Consultants Ltd

Post: Boundary Consultants Ltd
PO Box  21890
Auckland 0650 

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71 Bellevue Road, Mount Eden

Submissions close: 29 May 2017

Demolish existing dwelling, subdivide into two lots and construct a new dwelling on each new lot

Application number:  R/JSL/2015/1294
Applicant: T T Sun
Address For Service: John Childs Consultants Limited
John Childs Consultants Limited
PO Box 46015
Herne Bay
Auckland 1147

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Eden Park, 42 Reimers Avenue, Kingsland

Submissions close: 25 May 2017

To hold an international ‘day/night’ international cricket test match between 2pm and 10pm for five days during Thursday 22 March to Monday 26 March 2018. Resource consent is required under the Auckland Unitary Plan ‘Eden Park Precinct (I310) rules as sports undertaken during the night time are a controlled activity and sports activities must not be undertaken on a Sunday. The application is assessed together as a controlled activity and a restricted discretionary activity.

Application number:  R/LUC/2017/1136
Applicant: Eden Park Trust
Address For Service: Tattico c/o Ross Cooper
Tattico c/o Ross Cooper
PO Box 91562
Victoria Street
Auckland 1142

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Orewa Esplanade Reserve (Kohu Street and Marine View)

Submissions close: 12 may 2017

The applicant seeks resource consent to undertake works, and establish structures, associated with the protection and enhancement of the esplanade reserve which runs from north of Kohu Street to Marine View at Orewa Beach. Works and structures will be located within the esplanade reserve, the coastal marine area, and Kinloch Reserve.

These works involve: occupation of the common marine and coastal area; the construction of a formed footpath and landscaping along the esplanade reserve; the establishment of a sea wall along approximately 600m of coastline; and associated access structures (including ramps and stairs); parks infrastructure and amenities (including landscaping, drainage and lighting). The proposal also includes associated works within Kinloch Reserve including the replacement of the existing footbridge, relocation of the watermain, construction of a timber groyne at the mouth of the channel and naturalisation of the dune. It is also proposed to store construction materials in Victor Eaves Park.

Resource consent is also sought for associated enabling works, including: earthworks; stormwater infrastructure and discharges; works associated with the realignment of, and works within, the stream in Kinloch Reserve; tree works, including the removal of two pohutukawas in Kinloch Reserve and works in the root zone of protected trees; sediment and erosion control measures; as well as for construction related effects, including noise and vibration.

The proposal requires consent under the Auckland Council District Plan (Rodney Section) 2011, the Auckland Unitary Plan (Operative in Part) and the Auckland Council Regional Plan: Coastal.

The application includes an assessment of environmental effects and supporting documents, and is overall is a discretionary activity.

Application number:  BUN-60067662
Applicant: Auckland Council
Address For Service: Tonkin & Taylor Ltd
Tonkin & Taylor Ltd
PO Box 5271
Wellesley Street
Auckland 1023
Attn:  Sarah McCarter

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27A & 27B Pah Road, Onetangi, Waiheke Island

Submissions close: 20 April 2017

To establish a dwelling fronting The Strand with associated vegetation removal, earthworks, rock drilling and blasting of a cliff, and to discharge treated wastewater and stormwater to land.

Application numbers: 
R/LUC/2015/3381 & R/REG/2015/3382 

Applicant: Andre’ter Huurne & Erica Schmidt Viles 
Address For Service:
45A Beresford Street
Auckland 0622

Assessment of Environmental Effects (PDF 2MB)
Application Forms (PDF 401KB)
Application Form Checklist (PDF 444KB)
Certificate of Title (PDF 256KB)
Pre-application Minutes (PDF 270KB)
Geotechnical Report (PDF 669KB)
Wastewater Report (PDF 837KB)
Wastewater Plant Specifications (PDF 1.3MB)
Wastewater Checklist (PDF 912KB)
Written Approval - 43 The Strand (PDF 8236KB)
Amended Plans (PDF 633KB)
Plans (PDF 2.4MB)
Request for Further Information - Section 92 (PDF 89KB)
Council Meeting Record - February 2016 (PDF 127KB)
Acoustic Screen Details (PDF 2.1MB)
Rock Blasting Management Plan (PDF 2.8MB)
Construction Methodology (PDF 165KB)
Construction Traffic Management Plan (PDF 669KB)
Construction Management Plan - Draft (PDF 1.8MB)
Landscape Plan 1 (PDF 881KB)
Landscape Plan 2 (PDF 650KB)
Noise Specialist Comments 1 (PDF 1.2MB)
Noise Specialist Comments 2 (PDF 1.2MB)
Section 92 Response - Noise, December 2015 (1.8MB)
Section 92 Response - October 2015 (PDF 4.2MB)
Section 92 Response - March 2016 (PDF 5.2MB)
Safe Work Method Statement (PDF 343KB)
Stormwater Specialist Comments 1 (PDF 263KB)
Stormwater Specialist Comments 2 (PDF6MB)
Visual Perspective Plan (PDF 3.5MB)
Geotechnical Report Correspondence (PDF 138KB)
Written Approval - For Public Toilets (PDF 170KB)
Geotechnical Memo (PDF 352KB)
Auckland Transport - Driveway Comments (PDF 85KB)
Auckland Transport - Tree Comments (PDF 93KB)
Council Arborist Comments (PDF 49KB)
Council Vibration and Blasting Comments 2017 (PDF 210KB)
Noise Vibration Comments (PDF 278KB)
Council Geotechnical Blasting Management Plan (PDF 69KB)
Council Noise Memo (PDF 395KB)
Council Ecologist Memo (PDF 34KB)
Council Parks Comment (PDF 54KB)
Council Public Toilets Correspondence (PDF 1MB)
Development Engineering Stormwater Comments (PDF 96KB)
Council Wastewater Memo (PDF 1.8MB)
Council Planner Notification Report (PDF 458KB)
Council Notification Decision - Section 95 Report (PDF 264KB)

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270 Hurstmere Road, Takapuna

Submissions close: 19 April 2017

Consent sought to remove one of three Pohutukawa trees from the front of the site.

Application numbers: 

Applicant: JH & MA Chatterley
Address For Service:
Jan Gopperth
PO Box 33 1312
Auckland 0740

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State Highway 1, Wellsford

Submissions close: 10 April 2017

To authorise the discharge of wastewater and air associated with the operation of the existing Wellsford Wastewater Treatment Plant (WWTP).

Application numbers: 
DIS60068492 - Wastewater Discharge Permit
DIS60068494 - Air Discharge Permit

Applicant: Watercare Services Ltd
Address For Service:
Watercare Servoces Ltd
Private Bag 92-521
Wellesley Street
Auckland 1141
Attn:  Ban Najim Aldin

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31 Esplanade Road, Mt Eden

Submissions close: 05 April 2017

To authorise the demolition of the St James Church Hall, a Category B scheduled building.

Application numbers:  R/LUC/2016/2243 
Applicant: View West Limited - Andrew Montgomerie
Address For Service: Campbell Brown Planning Ltd
Post: Campbell Brown Planning Ltd
PO Box 147001
Attn:  Philip Brown

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Panmure to Pakuranga

Submissions close: 20 March 2017

The Auckland Manukau Eastern Transport Initiative (AMETI) Stage 2A (Panmure to Pakuranga Busway) Project.

Application numbers:  
R/LUC/2016/675 & 49524 (Landuse Consent) R/REG/2016/677 & P49525 (Coastal Permit) R/REG/2016/678 & P49526 (Coastal Permits – Historic Heritage)
R/REG/2016/680 & P49527 (Stormwater Permit) R/REG/2016/681 & P49528 (Discharge of Contaminants)
R/REG/2016/682 & P49529 (Water Permit – Groundwater)
Applicant: Auckland Transport
Address For Service:
Post:  Auckland Transport
Private bag 92250
Auckland 1142
Attn:  Lee Marr

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