Development and financial contributions

Development and financial contributions

Development contributions are the fees charged by the council for extra community and network infrastructure needed as a result of development projects.

You will usually have to pay development contributions for residential development such as new houses and apartments, non-residential development, subdivisions, and for some changes of land use.

The money collected from development contributions pays for the cost of public infrastructure that is needed to meet the additional demand from growth. This includes network infrastructure such as stormwater and transport, open space reserves and community facilities.

Contributions Policy 2012

The contributions policy came into effect on 1 July 2012 and was subsequently amended on 8 August 2014 to reflect changes in the Local Government Act 2002 Amendment Act 2014. The policy is available below.

The policy will remain in effect until 30 June 2015. 

Applications submitted before 8 August 2014

Schedule 1AA Clause 7 requires council to treat any consent application that was submitted to council prior to 8 August 2014 as if if the Local Government Act 2002 Amendment Act 2014 had not been enacted.

Applications submitted from 8 August 2014

Any consent application lodged on or after 8 August 2014 will be treated under the new legislation.

Chapter 9: Contributions policy - updated 2014  (PDF 1.4MB)
Schedule 7 - Assets for which development contributions will be used (PDF 43 KB)

For the original 2012 Contributions policy, follow the link below:

Chapter 9: Contributions policy (HTML version)


Draft Contributions Policy 2015

The documents below form the consultation requirements of the proposed Contributions Policy 2015, which will be consulted on alongside the Long-term Plan (LTP 2015-2025).

Details on the Long-Term Plan 2015-2025 consultation will be available on the website in January 2015.

A developer session will be held during the consultation timeframe.

Draft Contributions Policy 2015
Summary proposal of contributions policy 2015
Schedule 8 - Assests for which development contributions will be used
Draft 2015 funding area maps
Cost allocation methodology
Development contributions governing body report 1
Development contributions governing body report 2

Estimating your contribution

If you're thinking of sub-dividing or developing a property, our Development Contributions Estimator can give you an indication of contribution charges that may apply.

The estimate will be based on information available at the feasibility stage of your development, and is purely for your convenience. No information from your estimate is retained by Auckland Council.

The Estimator is based on the price for the amended 2012 Contributions Policy.

You'll need to tell us what is on the allotment to start with, and what you're planning.

For a residential development such as a house or minor unit, all you need is the number of units. For other residential developments you'll also need to know the impervious surface area of the development, and for aged care, the number of rooms.

For non-residential development, you'll need to know the impervious surface area and gross development area of the development.

Read the Auckland Council development contributions policy for definitions of these terms.

Launch the development contributions estimator

Please note the estimator may not work properly on some older browsers.

Water supply and wastewater services are not included in the estimate. To find out these charges contact the relevant water service provider:

Each consent received by Auckland Council is assessed for development contributions. If you have paid units of demand on a prior consent, the council will not require you to pay for the same units of demand again.

Further enquiries

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