Property information

GIS map viewer

GIS map viewer

Open the GIS viewer >>

You will need to download and install Adobe Flash 10.1 to use the viewer.

GIS map viewer is Auckland Council's mapping and property information service.

The service provides layers of data and information that we and the council controlled organisations compile or government and utility agences supply.

We ensure the information in the viewer is accurate and up to date.

You can use the GIS map viewer to:

  • search for a property
  • view property rating and valuation information
  • run queries on data layers
  • download data in various formats
  • view district plan information
  • print maps.

Information available on the viewer includes:

  • aerial photography
  • contours
  • property boundaries
  • property and rates information, including valuation data
  • public underground services (water, wastewater and stormwater)
  • road boundaries.

Help with GIS viewer

 Please read the information in the help section to:

  • get the most out of this service and
  • see a list of all layers available.

If you experience disruptions please close the viewer and try again after a few minutes.

You will need to download and install Adobe Flash 10.1 to use the viewer.

Auckland open data

We're opening our GIS data to allow community access to our datasets online for use in GIS Applications.

You can view details of the available datasets on Auckland open data site.

See our ArcGIS online open data support page for instructions on the use of this online tool.

GIS viewer aerial photography

The aerial photographs found in GIS viewer were captured in 2010/2011, with a couple of pockets recaptured in 2012.

A project is now underway to capture new aerial photographs of the region. The photographs will be available by late 2015 or early 2016.

To view the flight date of aerial photography within the viewer use the following steps:

  1. Open the GIS viewer.
  2. Navigate to your area of interest.
  3. Expand the ‘Map content’ widget on the right hand side.
  4. Click ‘Add layer to map’ button, which is the fourth icon from the left along the top of the widget.
  5. Select the check box next to ‘LiveMaps/AerialPhotoIndex’.
  6. Click ‘Add layer to map’ and you will see that ‘AerialPhotoIndex’ has now been added as a current layer.

Dependant on your current zoom scale, you will see either red or orange tiles. If the tiles are:

  • red then it contains rural specification orthophotos and can be visible at 1:15,000 or higher
  • orange then it contains urban specification orthophotos and can be visible at 1:8,000 or lower.

For each of these you will see two lines of information within the tile . Line 1 is the tile number and Line 2 is the date flown.

Contact us

Please email us if you:

  • have any feedback or recommendations regarding GIS viewer or Auckland open data tools
  • require specific data from Auckland open data
  • find that some functionality is not currently available in the GIS viewer or Auckland open data tools
  • find errors or omissions in the data
  • experience ongoing technical disruptions.

Please include as much detail as possible in your email, including:

  • location you were searching
  • data layers you were viewing or wanting to view
  • tools or widgets you were using and
  • your contact details.

For all other queries please contact us.

Your feedback helps us to improve our website. If you have feedback about our services (not the website), please contact us.