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Land Information Memorandums (LIMs)

If you are buying a house, we recommend that you get a Land Information Memorandum (LIM) before finalising the purchase.

A LIM is one of the many sources of information to help you in your decision to purchase a property.

Some LIM services unavailable

Some LIM services are temporarily unavailable for Central, Franklin, Manukau and Papakura properties.

Standard LIMs can be ordered in person at a service centre or by post using the instructions below. Orders can also be emailed using the relevant email address in the LIM application form (PDF 360KB). Online and urgent LIM ordering for these areas is not available until further notice.

Online and urgent LIM ordering continues to be available for North and West customers.

We apologise for the inconvenience and appreciate your patience.

Costs and timeframes

Once we have received your payment, your LIM will be ready, depending on the product you order:

  • Urgent LIM - ready within 3 working days.
  • Standard LIM - ready within 10 working days

Additional charges apply for courier services and if you order a copy of your LIM.

Courier fees are charged at cost. See courier fees (PDF 250KB) for an estimate.

For information on LIM reports fees, visit Land and property information fees and charges page.

How to order a LIM

Order by post

Send completed LIM application form (PDF 360KB) to either of the following:

  • Auckland Council
    Private Bag 92300
    Auckland 1142
    New Zealand
  • DX CX10032.

 Order in person

You can drop off your completed LIM application form (PDF 360KB) and pay in person at any service centre.

What's in a LIM

A Land Information Memorandum (LIM) report is a summary of information that we hold on a property and may include:

  • special land features or characteristics (including potential erosion, slippage or subsidence)
  • private and public stormwater and sewerage drains
  • any rates that may be owing in relation to the land
  • information concerning building, plumbing/drainage, and resource planning consents (including notice, order or requisition affecting the land or any building)
  • special conditions including NZ Historic Places Trust listings
  • any information which has been notified to the council by any statutory organisation in terms of any other act
  • network utility in relation to the Building Act 1991 or 2004.

Other useful property information includes:

Changes from 7 June 2016

Auckland Council is standardising the way we deliver services across the region. As part of these improvements there will be incremental changes to the content of LIMs over the next 12 months.

Licence information from June 2016

LIMs for properties in the old Waitakere City, North Shore City and Rodney District Council areas will provide the following licence details:

  • licence number or reference
  • trading name
  • expiry date
  • status.

To obtain a copy of a licence, or for further details, please contact us.

Rates information from July 2016

LIMs for properties in the old Waitakere City, North Shore City and Rodney District Council areas will provide the rates levied for the current financial year and the total amount of rates owing only. 

Amounts will not be available during the annual rates strike. These figures should not be used for settlement purposes.

To request a detailed rates summary or to find out valuation details, please contact us.

Cancel a LIM

Depending on the work completed when the cancellation request is received, the fee may be non-refundable.

We charge a $60 cancellation fee if LIM applications have:

  • been receipted or entered into our system
  • not been cancelled within the acceptable timeframe.

Call us on 09 301 0101 if you want to cancel your application.

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