Property information

Property files and reports

Auckland Council holds a range of information about all properties in the region. This includes rating information, building and drainage plans, consent information, licensing details and more. We hold the information in a variety of formats and it is available to view or purchase.

Courier fees for property files are charged at cost. See courier fees (PDF 250KB) for an estimate.


Order a property file

How we present and package the information varies depending on the location of the property. To find out how to order property information for a property, use our locator below.


If you experience any problems, or need help completing your online payment, contact us.

Add a third party report to a property file

The council does not inspect or sign off building work completed before the Building Act came into effect (before 1 July 1992).

If you own a structure built before 1 July 1992, and you have concerns about its compliance, you can request a third party report from a suitably qualified building professional.

If you’ve obtained a third party report, you can submit it to the council to add to the property file, as a matter of public record.

The council does not accept any responsibility for checking or validating these reports.

There is a fee to submit a third party report – see the fee guide.

To submit a third party report, complete the third party report form (PDF 72KB) and send it to:

Building control
Auckland Council
Private Bag 92300
Auckland 1142

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