Property information

Property files and reports

Auckland Council holds a range of information about all properties in the region. This includes rating information, building and drainage plans, consent information, licensing details and more. We hold the information in a variety of formats and it is available to view or purchase.

Courier fees for property files are charged at cost. See courier fees (PDF 250KB) for an estimate.

Order a property file

How we present and package the information varies depending on the location of the property. To find out how to order property information for a property, use our locator below.


If you experience any problems, or need help completing your online payment, please contact us.

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See latest building consents

Members of the public can subscribe to receive a list of the building consents issued by Auckland Council.

You can order a list for a particular part of the region covered by one of the previous councils, or for multiple areas across the region.

We provide the list electronically, and you can choose to receive it on a weekly or monthly basis. You can also request a one off list, if you don't wish to subscribe for a full year.

See our Schedule of fees (PDF 326KB) for the cost of a single request, and for weekly or annual subscriptions.

How to order

Complete the application form AC2126 building consent list subscription (PDF 73KB) and submit it to us with your payment via one of our customer service centres or by post to:

Auckland Council
Private Bag 92300
Victoria Street
Auckland 1142

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