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Rates rebates

The rates rebate scheme helps people whose rates are high in relation to their income.

The scheme is centrally-funded by the government and administered by local councils throughout New Zealand.

Auckland Council tops-up the central government scheme to cover water and wastewater charges, so the rebate includes your total rates and water-related payments. 

Key details of the 2016/2017 rebate

You will automatically receive a rates rebate application form and guide if you received a rates rebate last year.

You should receive the application in early August 2016 with your first rates instalment notice. Please pay the instalment due. If you are expecting a rates rebate, this will be applied to your next instalment.

If you haven't received the application, you can download the form - see Apply for a rebate.

You will need to provide evidence of income to assess your eligibility and the amount of your rebate.

For the 2016/2017 rating year:

  • the maximum rebate has been increased to $610
  • the income threshold is $24,470 per year, but you may still be eligible if you earn more than that
  • additional income allowance for dependants remains at $500 per dependant
  • water rates will be included in the calculation.

These thresholds apply from 1 July 2016 and are not backdated for previous rating years.

The amount of rebate you will qualify for will vary on:

  • the amount of your Auckland Council rates for 2016/2017
  • the number of children or other dependents you support
  • your gross income and any overseas income for the tax year ended 31 March 2016
  • your water rates.

Water rates

The Auckland Council rates team will fill in your water rates amount after you have submitted your rebate form. You do not need to contact us or Watercare for this information. This applies to all areas except the former Papakura District Council area.

If you live the former Papakura District Council area you will need to enter your water/wastewater charges for the last 12 months (1 July to 30 June) on your rebate form. You can request this information from Veolia Water.

Note: If you belong to a body corporate, please obtain your portion of water rates from your body corporate for the last 12 months (1 July to 30 June). If you are on tank water you can leave the water rates field blank.

Rates rebate criteria

  1. You must be the ratepayer. A ratepayer is the person who is entered in the Rating Information Database (RID). To be considered the ratepayer, you must be:
    1. an owner or
    2. a leasee meeting certain criteria
  2. You must have resided at the property as of 1 July and the property must be your usual place of residence.
  3. You must be an individual, not a family trust or organisation.
  4. The property must be residential property, not a commercial building.

You may qualify for a rebate even if your income is greater than $24,470. This depends on the level of your combined rates and water-related payments and the number of dependents who live with you.

The rates rebate criteria are affected by a range of variables.

Apply for a rebate

Download an application form:

Rates rebate application form (PDF 395B)

For help completing the form, refer to the application guide:

Rates rebate application guide (PDF 99KB).

Post your application to:

Auckland Council
Private Bag 92300
Victoria Street
Auckland 1142

or drop it in to any of our service centres.

For more information, or if you are having trouble filling out the application, please contact us.

You need to pay your rates account as usual.

Due dates for instalments are by 5pm on the following days:

Instalment Payment due date
Instalment 1 31 August 2016
Instalment 2 28 November 2016
Instalment 3 28 February 2017
Instalment 4 29 May 2017

We will credit the rates rebate amount to your rates account once we process and approve your application.

Visit the Department of Internal Affairs website for more information about the rate rebate scheme.

Rates remission for retirement village residents

Auckland Council remission scheme offers a rates remission for residents of retirement villages and papakainga housing who have a license to occupy agreement.

Criteria for this new scheme is the same as those for the Department of Internal Affairs rates rebate scheme, which is income tested, to ensure equality for all ratepayers.

For more information and how to apply, please see Rates remissions.

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