Rates and valuations - property search

How to use the property search

This service only contains information on properties within the Auckland regional boundaries.

If you are unsure your address is inside our boundaries, you can check it against the ward boundaries.

Search by property address

Enter the full address including any flat numbers, e.g. 3G/100 Greys Avenue.

The search uses a predictive search. So as you type suggestions will be displayed, after the first three characters. As you continue to type the suggestions are refined.

Select the address you want to view, then click the GO button. If there is more than on result for your search. Select the one you want to view.

If your search is unsuccessful, try searching for the address as it appears on your rates notice.


Search by assessment number

Enter the rates assessment number exactly as it appears on your rates notice.

For any information that you are unclear about, or you believe to be incorrect, please contact us.

You can also use the glossary of terms for an explanation of terms used.

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