Property valuation

Making an objection to a valuation

Council valuations are used to assess the rates for each property.

A rating valuation is a reflection of a property's market value as at the date of the valuation.

You can object to any information contained in a notice of valuation within the prescribed objection period shown on the notice if:

  • you believe one or all of the values are incorrect or
  • the values are based on incorrect information.

You can only object to your valuation details.

The effect of the valuation on rates is not a relevant reason for making an objection.


Lodging an objection

To make an objection:

  • we need to receive objections no later than the date shown on your notice of valuation
  • you need to make an objection online or in writing.

You must include all of the following information with your objection, as prescribed by section 7 of the Ratings Valuations Regulations 1998:

  • the relevant reference number
  • the capital value, land value, annual value and the value of improvements of the land (whichever one or more is applicable) as stated in the notice of valuation
  • the reason for objecting
  • the relevant value contended for by the objector
  • the name, postal address, and contact telephone numbers of the objector, and the objectors address for service
  • the capacity in which the person is objecting (whether as owner, ratepayer, both owner and ratepayer, or neither)
  • if the objection is by an agent, the name of the person who the agent is representing.

The objection period will be open from 10 November 2014 until 5pm on Friday 19 December 2014.

Search for your property address to find out how to object in your area:


Types of valuation objections

Revaluation objections

The objection period for the 2014 general revaluation begins on 10 November 2014 and concludes at 5pm on Friday 19 December 2014. All objections must be received online or in writing by the deadline.

Supplementary objections

We provide valuations for properties throughout the year where the value may have changed as a result of change to the property like subdivision or building work.

In this instance, you will receive a new valuation notice in the post.

Late objections

We accept requests for late objections in extenuating circumstances.

To request a late objection please send a letter detailing your particular circumstances to:

Auckland Council
Valuation Objection
Private Bag 92300
Auckland 1142


Change of details

If you have identified incorrect information on your valuation notice (i.e. name and address information), complete the Change of name and address form and send it to the address on the form:

Change of name and address form (596KB)

If you have any questions concerning your valuation, please contact us.

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