Sustainable homes

Eco design advice

To learn how to make your building or renovation more eco-friendly, book a free two-hour consultation with a specialist Eco Design Advisor through Auckland Council.

Eco Design Advisors consult on a range of projects from new builds to home renovations and retrofits. They have access to specialists, design tools, assessment methods and building material information.

The benefits

An Eco Design Advisor on a building site

Backed by the Building Research Association of New Zealand (BRANZ), Eco Design Advisors are advocates for creating healthier buildings, improving energy, water and material use, minimising waste, and reducing environmental damage from building projects.

An Eco Design Advisor will help you:

  • save money on energy and water bills
  • increase your home's resale value
  • improved your home's air quality
  • take advantage of programmes like Retrofit Your Home
  • reduce your environmental impact, by using more eco-friendly building materials, and improving water and waste management systems.

Our Eco Design Advisors are qualified Homestar assessors. They can rate the environmental attributes of your home, which verifies it's features to potential buyers.

Advice for everyone

Eco Design Advisors will consult with the homeowners and the professionals working on project.

If you're an architect, you can earn 10 CPD points for a two-hour consultation with an Eco Design Advisor.

Meet with an Eco Design Advisor

An Eco Design Advisor can come to your home, your building site or your architect's office. You can also visit them at the council's Graham Street service centre.

The advisors also offer regular workshops and presentations to conferences and building groups around Auckland.

To book a meeting with an Eco Design Advisor, or to arrange a presentation at an event, call 0508 326 337 or email Adrian Feasey.

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