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Enviroschools is a facilitated Education for Sustainability programme implemented through a whole school approach to benefit the school and wider community.

Students develop skills, understanding, knowledge and confidence through planning, designing and working towards creating a sustainable school.

Enviroschools offers schools:

  • an opportunity to make environmental education a central part of school life
  • enriched and integrated educational experiences
  • an opportunity to develop young people's decision making skills
  • potential for financial savings
  • a chance to share ideas with other schools
  • access to a network of support agencies
  • an opportunity to become part of a global movement.

Visit the Enviroschools website for more.


Recognising achievement

Every year participating schools reflect on their progress towards creating a sustainable community.

At the annual celebration students share with other schools what they have been doing and receive recognition for their achievements.

There are three levels of achievement - Bronze, Silver and Green-Gold.

For more information, contact us and ask for the regional Enviroschools coordinator.

Enviroschools Connections Newsletter

Enviroschools Connections is an Auckland Council publication showcasing the great work that Enviroschools are doing towards empowering students to create sustainable communities. This newsletter also provides schools with updates about the Enviroschools programme nationally and regionally and connects students and teachers with upcoming Enviroschools and Education for Sustainability workshops, events and other opportunities in the region.

Enviroschools Connections newsletters

March 2015 (PDF 815KB)

July 2014 (PDF 613KB)

March 2014 (PDF 841KB)

December 2013 (PDF 443KB)


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