Lost and adoptable pets

Found and impounded dogs

What to do if you've found a dog

If you have found a dog that has a tag, call us on 0800 462 685. Even if a dog seems to be stray, it might be missing or stolen from its home.

We will check the dog's history and try to contact the owner. We can also arrange with you to collect the dog if we can't contact the owner.

If you have lost your dog, let us know by completing our online lost dog form.

Dogs we've found

Once we have picked up a dog it will be taken to one of our animal shelters.

Dogs can be impounded for:

  • roaming or straying
  • being unregistered
  • breaching a barking abatement notice.

Reuniting dogs with owners

If your dog has been impounded, you will need to:

  • Pay any impounding fees to claim your dog. The fees help to cover the costs of looking after your dog while it is with us.
  • Pay any registration fees that are outstanding. The registration year begins on 1 July. All dogs impounded after this date will need to be registered for the upcoming year, before they are returned.
  • Get your dog micro-chipped. You must get your dog micro-chipped before we release it from impoundment if:
    • your dog is unregistered when it gets impounded or
    • it gets impounded twice after 1 July 2006.

You can pay any fees with cash or credit card - we do not accept cheques.

If your fees are unpaid within seven days of your dog being impounded, we may adopt out or euthanise your dog.

Seizing unregistered dogs

If your dog is unregistered, we have the authority to seize and impound it. 

We can enter private property to seize an unregistered dog. 

We can enter your home if we have a court warrant and are accompanied by a police officer.

If your dog has been seized, please call us on 09 301 0101.

We may impound your dog if it is straying or wandering.

We can easily identify and return your dog if it is wearing its registration tag or is microchipped.

We will contact you if your dog has been impounded.

Who to contact if your dog is lost or missing

Call us on 09 301 0101 if your dog is missing

Report a found dog

If you see a dog lost or wandering, report it by calling us on 09 301 0101.

Seizing unregistered dogs

If your dog is unregistered, we have the legal authority to seize and impound it.

Animal Management Officers can enter your home:

  • if they have a warrant from the court and
  • if they are accompanied by a Police Officer.

Contact your nearest animal shelter if your dog has been seized.

Unwanted dogs

If you want to have your dog placed in a new home or to give up ownership of your dog, contact us on 09 301 0101. The fee for relinquishing a dog at an Auckland Council animal shelter is $70.

Other organisations that help with lost, missing and found dogs include:

  • Pets on the Net which lists lost and found dogs.
  • Auckland SPCA - phone 09 256 7300. The SPCA may provide assistance if the dog is sick or injured.

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