Food stalls

If you are an event organiser, market operator or food stall vendor, you need to understand our requirements for food stalls.

Information for event organisers

Event organiser must ensure on-site food vendors provide safe and suitable food.

Before your event begins

You should confirm your food vendors are:

  • registered or
  • not registered and are eligible to be exempt from registration.

How to check a food vendor is registered

Food vendors need to be registered under a Food Control Plan (FCP) or a National Programme (NP). Vendors can also register with their local council.

For vendors registered under a FCP or NP you can:

  • request to see a copy of their notice of registration or
  • search public register of all FCP and NP registrations maintained by Ministry for Primary Industries (MPI). 

For vendors registered with their local council you can request to see a copy of their current registration certificate.

How to determine a food vendor is exempt from registration

For more information, see Exempted from registration.

During the event

Our food safety officers, upon request and payment of the required fees, will undertake:

  • food safety inspections and
  • check food operators at events.

All requests must be made to the council at least four weeks prior to the event taking place. For more information contact us. 

Information for market operators

Operators of regular markets may need a resource consent for their market. For more information, contact us and ask to speak to a planner.

If you are organising a market in a public place, you will need a market licence, see Public markets.

Information for food stall vendors

Existing food stalls, registered with their local council, under Food Hygiene Regulations 1974 can continue to renew their registration until the food business is scheduled to transition under the new legislation.

If you own a food business registered under Food Hygiene Regulations 1974 you can:

  • trade offsite without registering the stall provided the food preparation is not done at the stall (preparation includes holding food hot or cold)
  • only trade until the registered premises is scheduled for transition.

New food stalls can register under a FCP, NP or custom-made food safety programme (FSP) depending on the type of stall.

Food businesses with a registered FCP, NP or a custom-made FSP can operate a stall if the scope of the plan also includes a food stall.

To find out which plan suits your food stall, see the Ministry for Primary Industries' (MPI) website Where do I fit tool.

To register a food stall, you need to complete the relevant application forms for registering a food premises. For more information, see Registering a food premises.

Exempted from registration

The preparation and sale of food at a one-off event held once a year is exempt from registration. 

If the operator is fundraising for a specific cause, they may prepare and sell food up to 20 times a year without registering. 

Visit the Ministry for Primary Industries website and search for the Fundraising and community events page.

Events held in public places need street trading approval. For more information, see Fundraising.

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