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Development in Flat Bush (Ormiston)

Development in Flat Bush

  • Flat Bush is the country’s largest and most comprehensively planned town, taking shape on 1700ha in south east Auckland. By 2025 it is expected that the area will be home to at least 36,000 people.

Auckland Council, the Howick Local Board and partners are working collaboratively on the development and transformation of Flat Bush.

The development includes five neighbourhood centres and has a strong focus on open space, high urban design standards and environmental sustainability.

Progress so far

  • Significant infrastructure including Barry Curtis Park with skate park facilities, playgrounds, sports fields, the cultural lawn, pathways and riparian planting.
  • A number of major road upgrades including Stancombe Road, Flat Bush School Road, Ormiston Road including the gateway Ormiston Bridge.
  • More than 4500 new dwellings built.
  • Numerous storm water ponds, flood land and public open space areas acquired.
  • Substantial number of new housing and related infrastructure with more to come.
  • Stage two is under development.
  • Town centre - commenced development of phase one including supermarket and residential development.
  • Town centre - Development of Stage One is underway. Ormiston town centre's first supermarket opened in November 2015.
  • Ormiston Primary School opened in February 2015 and Ormiston Junior High School is due to open early 2017.

The council and the local board are working together with the developers to deliver the remaining areas of stage 2 and soon to be released stage 3.

The stage 3 area is a strategic Special Housing Area (SHA).

Structure planning will be led by the private landowners who will prepare a private plan change to rezone the area. Preliminary decisions will be made in early 2016.

Current and upcoming development

Ormiston town centre at Flat Bush

Ormiston Town Centre

The Ormiston Town Centre at Flat Bush is identified as a town centre in the Auckland and Unitary plans. The 19ha town centre will be much more than a shopping centre and will include opportunities to live, work and play.

Once complete it will include retail, cafes, restaurants, commercial office space, medical facilities, apartments, town houses, a library and multi-use facility and an aquatic centre.

Auckland Council owns 90 per cent of the town centre land and is working closely with Panuku Development Auckland to deliver a vibrant town space.

The council and the local board’s contribution is approximately $220m for transport improvements, public open space, water and wastewater, the library and multi-use facility and aquatic centre.

The vision is that the town centre will be based around a traditional main street, be compact and pedestrian-friendly and have strong ties to the environment and Barry Curtis Park.

Initial work in the stage 1 area, is underway. A 6000m²  Pak n Save opened in November 2015 and an initial 63 terraced houses will be completed in early 2016.

The private sector is contributing an estimated $2.8 billion and several developers are involved including Todd Property which is developing the town centre, the Hugh Green Group, Howick Parklands and Green Land Investment.

The project is expected to be completed between 2019 and 2021.

Proposed library and multi-use facility

Ormiston Library

This $19.7 million facility will be a heart for the community with a library, bookable meeting rooms and community spaces with a focus on the arts.

Currently due to be completed mid-2018:

  • One building approx. 2900m2 in two levels.
  • Library spaces.
  • Shared foyer and meeting rooms.
  • Community spaces.
  • Gallery and arts teaching.
  • Performance and rehearsal spaces.

Proposed aquatic centre

Proposed aquatic centre

As part of the Ormiston Town Centre, Auckland Council is also planning to build an aquatic centre on Ormiston Road.

The site was chosen for its visibility, easy walking distance for nearby school students, proposed bus services and its town centre location.

  • 25m lap pool / Leisure pool, learners’ pool, toddlers’ pool.
  • Spa pool, sauna & steam / Water play features/splash.
  • Pools change areas and family rooms.
  • Fitness Centre upstairs with separate change areas.
  • Admin/kitchen/café, shop, plant room, car parking.
  • Landscaping, car parking (90 parks).

Barry Curtis Park

Ormiston town centre.

Barry Curtis Park is well on the way to providing a recreational & community hub in the heart of Flatbush. At 94ha, it’s New Zealand’s largest park development in over a hundred years. It currently includes an award winning playground, skate park, basketball court, two community buildings, six full-sized sand carpets and two cricket ovals.

The park is partly surrounded by a 3.5m wide walkway cycleway (still in development) and a number of other walkways draw people into the park to experience a range of bespoke gardens, restored stream network and ecological corridors.

Current development is focused on:

  • continuing the John Walker promenade (walkway / cycleway) along Flatbush School road through to Chapel road to connect to the existing promenade at the Regional Playground
  • a car park, satellite changing room and public toilets
  • a playground along the Flatbush School Road boundary.

Projects are expected to be completed over the next three years starting in 2016 to 2019.

Focus on the environment

People walking

Planning in Flat Bush has a strong focus on people and the environment.

At its heart is 94-hectare Barry Curtis Park and the town centre. A series of walking and cycling tracks will connect open spaces around the catchment. Open spaces will range from a regional to a neighbourhood scale, and serve a variety of uses. Valuable tracts of native bush like Murphy’s Bush will remain an important part of the area.

Stormwater ponds help to mitigate the risks of flooding in the catchment, and a programme of riparian planting will contribute to on-going health of streams in Flat Bush.

Urban design

One of the aims for Flat Bush is to set a high standard of urban design.

A number of initiatives have been put in place in Flat Bush to improve the public realm:

  • Limiting front fences to 900mm and restricting the position/amount of garaging at the front of houses to promote informal surveillance of the street by residents and create attractive street environments.
  • Rules to ensure subdivision block patterns provide well connected streets which maximise choices for getting around whether it be on foot, a bicycle, the bus or in the car.
  • Park edge roads will overlook green fingers - enhancing the feeling of open space and making the green areas safer for everyone to use.
  • A design code for intensive housing developments, including minimum apartment size rules.
  • Ormiston Urban Design Panel has been providing on-going design review in the town centre.

Flat Bush also boasts a large existing and proposed network of shared footpaths and cycleways, which cover more than 34km making it safe, convenient, and pleasant to get around.

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