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Find information and documents relating to notified resource consent applications that are open for submissions.

Anyone can make a submission to a publicly notified application. Only those who have been served notice can make a submission on a limited notified application. For more information see Notifications and hearing.

When making a submission, please ensure you serve your submission on both the council and the applicant. For more information see making a submission.

To view applications which are no longer open for submissions, see 'recently notified applications'.

All applications below are publicly notified unless otherwise stated.

Limited notification - 23A The Parade, Bucklands Beach

Submissions close: 24 July 2017

Extension of refit of existing restaurant to accommodate an ice cream parlour.

Application number: LUC60292664
Applicant: Delhi Hospitality Limited C/O Vikram Madaan
Address For Service
Post: C/O Plan Co. NZ Ltd
3 Gatman Street
Auckland 0626
Attention: Mark Weingarth

Make a submission - Only those persons who have been served notice by Council regarding this application are able to make submissions.

106 Totara Road, Whenuapai

Submissions close: 20 July 2017

Proposed construction of a Z service station.

Application number: LUC60065806
Applicant: Whenuapai Land Company Ltd
Address For Service
Post: C/ Harrison Grierson Consultants
PO Box 276-121
Auckland 2241

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Limited Notification - 24 Bancroft Crescent, Glendene

Submissions close: 14 July 2017

Discharge of contaminants into air from the manufacture of adhesive tape and associated activities.

Application number: DIS60067825
Applicant: Sealed Air New Zealand
Address For Service
Post: C/ The Air We Breathe Ltd
PO Box 40711
Auckland 0747
Attn: Charles Kirkby

Make a submission - Only those persons who have been served notice by Council regarding this application are able to make submissions.

11 Cryers Road, Highbrook

Submissions close: 19 July 2017

To establish a mixed use development at the site, comprising two buildings. Building C will contain a new purpose-built childcare centre that will provide for 107 children and a 24/7 gym whilst Building B will be a 1402m² double storey retail, commercial and office building.
The proposal requires consents under the Auckland Unitary Plan - Operative in Part, and the National Environmental Standard for Assessing and Managing Contaminants in Soil to Protect Human Health (NESCS), and overall is a non-complying activity.

Application numbers: 52890
Applicant: Establish ECE Limited
Address For Service:
Post: Gareth Pasfield
Establish ECE
PO Box 35487
Browns Bay
Auckland 0783

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244 Postman Road & Wilks Road, Dairy Flat

Submissions close: 11 July 2017

Combined subdivision/Landuse consent for a 43 lot rural residential development, along with 1 utility lot (Lot 46), 1 road reserve lot and 1 taxi way.

Diversion and discharge of stormwater, earthworks (approximately 55,580m³ of bulk earthworks including approximately 19,780m³ of imported fill across an area of approximately 6.3336ha/63336m2), impervious areas greater than 50m2 within a Stormwater Management Area Control - Flow 1 and planting areas. 

Overall, the activity is non-complying.

Application numbers: BUN20444850, SUB60035777 & LUC60011436
Applicant: Sunrise 9 Trustees Limited
Address For Service: Graham Parfitt & Associates
Post: Graham Parfitt & Associates
13 Westbourne Road
Murrays Bay
Auckland 0630
Attn: Graham Parfitt

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546 McNicol Road, Clevedon Quarry

Submissions close: 5 July 2017

The applicant seeks consent to expand the existing quarry  activity on the site to provide for an increase in annual production (over several years) to approximately 3 million tonnes per year (including overburden) and to increase over six stages, the existing quarry pit to cover an additional 13ha (total area of 29ha).

Application numbers: 53124 (Land use consents), P53125 (Discharge to Air), P53126 (Diversion and Take Groundwater)
Applicant: Fulton Hogan Limited
Address For Service:

Fulton Hogan Limited
C/O Tollemache Consultants Ltd.
PO Box 52 015 Kingsland

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5/51 William Pickering Drive, Rosedale

Submissions close: 05 July 2017

Consent is sought to convert the upper floor of an existing commercial office space into a residential unit.  The proposal is a non-complying activity.

Application number: LUC60070626
Applicant: Yunpeng Zhang
Address For Service: Haines Planning
Post: Haines Planning
PO Box 90842
Victoria Street West
Auckland 1142
Attn: Kaaren Rosser

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Quay Street, Auckland City

Submissions close: 23 June 2017

The proposal involves the construction of a new 1km separated two-way cycleway, being an extension of the existing Quay Street Cycleway. It will be constructed within the existing road reserve of Quay Street between Plumer Street and The Strand.  the cycleway will form part of the wider Auckland cycleway network.

Application numbers: R/TRC/2017/293
Applicant: Auckland Transport
Address For Service: Auckland Transport
Post: Private Bag 92250
Auckland 1142
Attention: Richard Black 

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27B Pah Road, Waiheke Island

Submissions close: 21 June 2017

Auckland Council is re-notifying the following applications for resource consent under the Resource Management Act 1991 on the basis of new information being received by Council that was not evident in Council records at the time of the first notification of the applications.

Application numbers: R/LUC/2015/3381 & R/REG/2015/3382
Applicant: Andre Ter'Huurne & Erica Viles
Address For Service:
Post: 45A Beresford Street
Auckland 0622

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