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Auckland Council

Economic advice

Tohutohu mātauranga ōhanga

What economic advice we offer

  • We advise elected members, executive leadership, and the public on the economic costs and benefits of critical Auckland issues.
  • We work with the public and the private sectors.
  • We provide economic advice and analysis for Auckland issues including housing affordability, the funding of infrastructure for Auckland, and urban land markets.

Meet the team

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David's areas of focus include: communicating key findings of research to elected officials, council staff and the public; providing economic advice to elected officials and council staff; housing affordability; cost-benefit analysis; peer review.


Shane's areas of focus include: applied econometrics; transport economics; consumer choice; peer review; communicating economic findings to non-technical audiences.

​Auckland Economic Quarterly

A quarterly update on Auckland's economic challenges and opportunities from our Chief economist.

The update includes the latest economic indicators on unemployment, housing, migration and more.

​Auckland Economic Update

A monthly snapshot of the Auckland economy.