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Auckland Council

Economic advice

Tohutohu mātauranga ōhanga

What economic advice we offer

We advise elected members, executive leadership, and the public on a range of economic issues, including the economic costs and benefits to Aucklanders of policy and infrastructure proposals.

We help our staff and elected members become more capable and confident with economic issues through training in economic analysis.

Through our Auckland Economic Quarterly and Insights papers, we offer leadership guidance on a number of issues facing Auckland. These include housing, housing affordability, infrastructure, funding and finance, and skills shortage.

Meet the team

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David has worked as an economist in New Zealand for 12 years after living and working in Asia for seven years prior to that. Most of his working life has been in the private sector, with time at Business and Economic Research Limited (BERL), PwC, and Westpac. He also worked at the Building Research Association of New Zealand (BRANZ), where he gained an in-depth understanding of construction, one of the most crucial industries in Auckland today. He holds a Post-graduate Diploma in Management, a B.A. in Economics and Mandarin, and a B.Sc in Genetics and Psychology. David joined Auckland Council in November 2016 as Chief Economist.


Shane hails from the east coast of the USA where he learned to love baseball and tolerate humid summers and gridlocked traffic. He has 10 years of experience advising local and national government, both in New Zealand and abroad. He holds a B.A in Mathematics and Economics, and an M.A. and Ph.D. in Economics. His areas of expertise are applied econometrics and transport economics. Prior to joining Auckland Council in July 2016, he worked for a USA-based think tank where he advised the US Department of Transportation on matters of competition in transport markets, travellers’ value of time, and the impact of transport networks on economic growth.

​Auckland Economic Quarterly

A quarterly update on Auckland's economic challenges and opportunities from our Chief economist.

The update includes the latest economic indicators on unemployment, housing, migration and more.

​Auckland monthly snapshots

A monthly snapshot of the Auckland economy.