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He kōrero mō Aotea

About Aotea / Great Barrier

Aotea / Great Barrier Island in the Hauraki Gulf is 100km northeast of central Auckland. It is the sixth largest island in New Zealand, at 285 square km and nearly 45km long.

Character of the Aotea/Great Barrier Local Board area

Over 60 per cent of Aotea / Great Barrier Island is underDepartment of Conservation administration.

The island has no externally provided electricity supply, no local banking facilities, no supermarkets, footpaths, streetlights or public transport.

Residents are a proudly independent and innovative community.

While settlements on Aotea / Great Barrier Island are scattered there is a strong sense of community spirit.

Most residents make their living from farming or tourism.

Geography of the Aotea/Great Barrier Local Board area

Aotea / Great Barrier Island has a diverse and beautiful landscape, from beaches to sheltered bays, steep forest-covered hills to mangrove estuaries and diverse wetlands.

Download map showing Aotea/Great Barrier Local Board boundaries

Further information about Aotea / Great Barrier

The State of Auckland report provides information on the state of Great Barrier's environment as well as demographic and quality of life information in report cards produced by council.

Great Barrier's economic profile provides information on the economy including employment and workforce statistics, number and type of businesses and productivity levels.

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