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Transcript of Amotai working with Auckland Council video

Jazz Singh on Amotai working with Auckland Council.

[Video: Man sitting at table talking]

Voice: Supplier diversity is here to stay

[Video: Amotai logo on magenta background, with background music]

[Video: Man walking through city street.

Voice: Good procurement is about delivering multiple outcomes.

[Video: Man at table talking]

[Video: Māori Pasifika festival]

[Video: Two men talking outside on a bench seat]

Voice: By using a Māori or Pasifika supplier we know that money gets recycled back into the community, and the flow on effects are that the community thrives because we are spending money in the right places.

[Video: Women walking through city street]

[Video: Three people talking in a cafe]

Voice: Amotai are the intermediary. They really understand what it takes to work for an organisation like Auckland Council and, in fact, to work for government.

[Video: Two men talking in an office meeting room]

Voice: They help us do the difficult stuff, which is how do we identify a Māori or a Pasifika business, what qualifies somebody to be called a Māori or Pasifika business.

[Video: Man sitting at table talking]

[Video: Māori/Pasifika men working loading trucks with road cones in a contractor's warehouse]

Voice: Amotai takes the hassle out of that for us because they register these suppliers.

[Video: Two men talking in office meeting room]

Voice: My hope is that it just becomes the norm.

[video: Fly over of urban area]

[Video: Māori/Pasifika men working on construction a site]

Voice: It's really important for us to make sure that the suppliers we have reflect the people that are in our community, and it's taken an intermediary like Amotai to say, "We can make this easier".

[Video: Man walking past image board of Māori events and photos]

[Video: Family playing at community event]

[Video: Women standing at the steps in front of the Beehive]

[Video: Amotai logo on magenta background, with background music]

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