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He aha te take me whakangao pūtea koe ki Tāmaki Makaurau

Why you should invest in Auckland

​Auckland – New Zealand's commercial hub

Auckland is New Zealand's leading economic region, generating more than a third of the nation's GDP.

This exceptional growth highlights Auckland's ever increasing role in the New Zealand economy. It has boosted confidence and stimulated investment.

For more detailed information about Auckland's economy, investors should visit Tātaki Auckland Unlimited.

Our funding approach

Auckland Council's financial strength and stability is supported by a strong institutional framework for local and regional governments.

Every year, we must ensure our operating revenue is greater than our operating expenses.

Our 10-year budget 2021-2031 (Our Recovery Budget) will deliver $31.8 billion of investment into the city's infrastructure.

This funding will tackle the critical issues of:

  • transport congestion
  • housing affordability
  • protecting our environment.

Some of this infrastructure will be funded through debt.

We offer borrowing opportunities through wholesale and retail bond issuance, in domestic and offshore currency.

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