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Regular safety checks of your pool fence and barrier

Tirohia tonuhia te haumaru o te taiapa, ārai rānei o tō puna kaukau

The Building Act 2004 requires your pool barrier to be inspected at least once every three years by council or an independently qualified pool inspector.

​Scheduled pool barrier safety checks

We automatically schedule safety checks for pool barriers, approximately once every three years.

Around two weeks before the assessment date, we will send a letter letting you know when we will be in your neighbourhood. 

Booking a pool barrier safety check

If an inspector will have trouble accessing the property because of security restrictions or dogs, or if you want to be home when the inspector comes, you will need to contact us and book a time.

09 353 9143

Otherwise, our inspector will visit your property according to our schedule and carry out the safety check. 

Unsuccessful safety checks

If our inspector comes to your property and cannot gain access to the pool area, you will still be charged for the site visit and you will need to book a return assessment time.

If the pool barrier fails the inspection, we will automatically re-book a re-check in 21 days. Make sure you contact us if you are unable to get the work completed in time.

Sites considered particularly dangerous will be re-checked after 48 hours. 

Cost of a pool safety site visit

Read fee table.
Swimming or spa pool inspection (each)$132

We charge this fee for every return visit our pool inspector makes and some first visits. Most first visits are included in rates from 1 July 2020.

The fee applies even if the pool fails the inspection or if inspectors visit but cannot gain access.

You will receive an invoice for our visits. If you do not receive an invoice for our first visit, the inspection fee will have been included in your property rates.

The fee also applies for:

  • site meetings for advice
  • visits where the pool has been emptied or removed
  • indoor pool safety checks
  • pools and spas exempted from some or all of the requirements under the Fencing of Swimming Pools Act 1987 (repealed).

If you use an independent qualified pool inspector, we will charge you a $65 administration fee. You can apply for reimbursement of the pool inspection fee charged in your rates.

We can issue a 'Notice to fix' under the Building Act 2004 for a non-complying pool or pool barrier.

Check who is responsible for ensuring that a pool barrier complies.

Use our pool area safety checklist to ensure your pool is safe.

Who carries out pool barrier inspections

You can:

  • use one of our pool inspectors
  • hire an independently qualified pool inspector.

To find an independently qualified pool inspector (IQPI), see the pool inspector public register .

If you choose an independently qualified pool inspector, they will issue a certificate of periodic inspection certifying the pool barrier complies.

Let us know if you choose to use an IQPI so that we can update our records.

To do this, contact us on:

09 353 9143

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