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Transcript of the legal barrier requirements for in-ground pools video


[video: Music plays. Title of the video - In-ground pool safety video. Auckland Council logo (pōhutukawa flower over water). Animated video of an unfenced in-ground swimming pool with two children playing in it. An adult supervises on a pool-side chair.]

Voice: Swimming pools at home are a great place to teach young children how to swim and how to be safe in and around water.

[video: Distracted adult not watching as small child reaches for toy duck floating in pool. A dog is nearby.]

Voice: But pools are also dangerous places for young children, so they need constant adult supervision.

[video: Safety-compliant fencing appears around the animated pool.]

Voice: Pool fences and covers are also important for keeping them safe. This video provides guidance on how to make pools safe and compliant with fencing regulations.

[video: Animated small paddling pool gradually increasing in size.]

Voice: Regardless of your pool type, if can hold more than 40cm of water you will need to install a physical barrier that will restrict access to the pool by unsupervised children.

[video: Picture of an in-ground pool surround by safety-compliant fence.]

Voice: For an in-ground pool the fence must be at least 1.2m high measured from the ground on the outside of the fence. If there is a permanent object within 1.2m of the fence, the 1.2m height should be measured from that. The gaps in your fence must be a maximum of 10cm underneath a maximum of 10cm between the rails and at least 90cm between horizontal railings. Diagonal rails are not allowed on pool fences or gates.

[video: Image zooms in on picture of gate to the pool area.]

Voice: Now the gate. Your gate must comply with a number of requirements:

  • it must open outwards away from the pool
  • be clear of any obstruction
  • have a latch
  • be able to close and latch on its own
  • ensure your gate hinges are properly tensioned
  • if the latch is on the fenced outside of the fence, it should be at least 1.5m above the ground or any nearby permanent objects.

[video: Shot of animated plan view of pool and wider pool area, including house.]

Voice: The fenced area should be limited to the immediate pool area and not include things like veggie gardens, clothes lines or playground equipment. The area around the pool should be as confined as possible and its use should be related to the pool only.

Voice: If your neighbour's fence forms part of your pool fence, this would also need to comply with the regulations:

  • that means among other things the property boundary fence needs to be at least 1m from the pool water's edge
  • be at least 1.8m high on the pool side, have any gaps smaller than 10cm
  • have at least a 90cm gap between railings
  • the top rail can be no more than 15cm from the top of the fence
  • if the boundary fence does not comply talk to your neighbour to try and find a solution. If you do need to build a new fence it needs to be at least 1.2m from the boundary fence.

[video: Pictures and captions of three different types of pool; in-ground, above-ground, and a small heated pool.]

Voice: All in-ground and above-ground pools and small heated pools must be inspected for compliance every three years.

[video: Animated white car with Auckland Council logo on it arrives outside a suburban home.]

Voice: Inspections must be done by either your local council or an independently qualified pool inspector.

[video: Animated pool inspector stands outside a pool fence with a clipboard in hand.]

If you fail to meet compliance you could be fined up to $5000 or you might be required to drain the pool and keep it empty.

[video: Shot of map view of pool and surrounding area, including the house.]

Voice: Finally, always be mindful of the area immediately surrounding the fence as things can change. People might leave climbable objects lying around or overhanging tree branches can grow.

[video: Animated children play in pool supervised by adults and surrounded by a safety-compliant pool fence.]

Voice: It might seem like a lot of rules and effort, but we do it for safety. Let's be kid-cool around the pool and make our pools fun and safe for all.

[video: Music plays. Auckland Council logo. Text: Contact us on: 09 301 0101 or]