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​Transcript for legal barrier requirements for small heated pools video

[video: Music plays. Title of the video - In-ground pool safety video. Auckland Council logo (pōhutukawa flower over water). Animated video of an unfenced in-ground swimming pool with two children playing in it. An adult supervises on a pool-side chair.]

Voice: Swimming pools at home are a great place to teach young children how to swim and how to be safe in and around water.

[video: Distracted adult not watching as small child reaches for toy duck floating in pool. A dog is nearby.]

Voice: But pools are also dangerous places for young children, so they need constant adult supervision.

[video: Safety-compliant fencing appears around the animated pool.]

Voice: Pool fences and covers are also important for keeping them safe. This video provides guidance on how to make pools safe and compliant with fencing regulations.

[video: Animated small paddling pool gradually increasing in size.]

Voice: Regardless of your pool type, if can hold more than 40cm of water you will need to install a physical barrier that will restrict access to the pool by unsupervised children.

[video: Animated couple sitting in a spa pool.]

Voice: A small heated pool has a water surface area that is 5m2 or less. Common examples are spas or hot tubs.

[video: Image of a spa pool with a dark grey cover on top.]

Voice: A cover can be used as a physical barrier but only if the top of the pool wall is at least 760mm above the ground, and if the walls can't be climbed. If a small heated pool doesn't meet both these requirements, then a fence is required. If the top of the pool is next to a permanent object like a deck, then measure 760mm from that point.

[video: Close up on the spa pool's cover.]

Voice: The cover must meet a number of conditions relating to signage:

  • its strength
  • its ability to restrict access
  • how easily it can close.

Voice: All in-ground and above-ground pools and small heated pools must be inspected for compliance every three years.

[video: Animated white car with Auckland Council logo on it arrives outside a suburban home.]

Voice: Inspections must be done by either your local council or an independently qualified pool inspector.

[video: Animated pool inspector stands outside a pool fence with a clipboard in hand.]

If you fail to meet compliance you could be fined up to $5000 or you might be required to drain the pool and keep it empty.

[video: Shot of map view of pool and surrounding area, including the house.]

Voice: Finally, always be mindful of the area immediately surrounding the fence as things can change. People might leave climbable objects lying around or overhanging tree branches can grow.

[video: Animated children play in pool supervised by adults and surrounded by a safety-compliant pool fence.]

Voice: It might seem like a lot of rules and effort, but we do it for safety. Let's be kid-cool around the pool and make our pools fun and safe for all.

[video: Music plays. Auckland Council logo. Text: Contact us on: 09 301 0101 or]