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Auckland Council

Check if you can chop, prune or trim a tree on neighbouring properties

Tirohia mēnā ka āhei tū turaki, kokoti, āta kutikuti noa rānei i ngā rākau i te whenua pātata ki tōu

Problems can arise when trees grow, block drains, disrupt walls and foundations or create hazards.

​What you need to know

  • If any branches or roots from trees on your property cross a boundary, your neighbour has the right to cut or trim them. However, they may still need resource consent to do so.
  • If a tree on your property endangers life or property or diminishes their property, as a last resort, your neighbour can apply for a court order to have you trim or remove it.
  • If the tree was planted on the boundary, you and your neighbours are co-owners.

What you need to do

If a problem is caused by a neighbour’s tree, or your tree causes problems for them, talk to:

  • us first, to check if the tree is protected
  • your neighbours and try to solve the issue amicably.

For advice on the best course of action: