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Transcript of the What is The Māori Plan for Tāmaki Makaurau video

[Video: Traditional Māori music plays in the background behind the narrator's voice while the words 'The Māori Plan?' moves on screen.]

Narrator: Healthy and prosperous Māori in Auckland...

[Video: the words 'healthy' and 'prosperous' appear on screen in green text with plant fronds growing out of the letters]

Narrator: This is the  Māori plan for Tāmaki Makaurau.

[Video: the Māori plan brochure is shown on screen with its colourful koru patterns. After zooming in on the cover art, the page turns to reveal a line graph plotting the rise in values and aspirations of the next 10, 20 and 30 years]

Narrator: It is a 30-year plan that outlines Māori values and aspirations.

[Video: A stylised blue Māori carving rocks back and forth while the words Independent Māori Statutory Board appear on screen and then disappear while the number '2012' fills up the frame)

Narrator: The Māori Plan was developed by the Independent Māori Statutory Board in 2012 in consultation with the mana whenua and Maata Waka

[Video: photograph of a man speaking on a marae and a photograph of a group of Māori sitting down inside a marae. Words appear on the screen saying "The plan provides what Māori said they want". Then the moving tilting word 'Plans' in white text fills up the screen, followed by the word 'Policies' ]

Narrator: The plan provides information that assists the council to include Māori outcomes and key plans and policies so that resources and services reflect a strong partnership between Māori and the council.

[Video: Two brown woodgrain arms appear on screen and shake hands. Then the Māori Plan brochure reappears]

Narrator: There are five core values Māori want recognised.

[Video: A chart appears with five columns representing each of the core values- they include Whanaungatanga- Develop vibrant communities, Rangatiratanga- Enhance leadership and participation, Manaakitanga- improve quality of life, Wairuatanga- Promote distinctive identity and Kaitiakitanga- Ensure sustainable futures. ]

Narrator: Tahi, Whanaungatanga

[Video: The word Whanaungatanga appears on screen in grey capital letters with a stylised koru in the top left corner, followed by Relationships in grey cursive text, two animated woodcut figures are seen shaking hands and doing a hongi, then several other woodcut figures are shown waving at each other]

Narrator: Rua, Rangatiratanga

[Video: The word Rangatiratanga appears in capital letters against a red background, followed by the words autonomy and leadership written in gold cursive text, animated woodcut figures are shown doing a haka]

Narrator: Toru, Manaakitanga

[Video: The word Manaakitanga appears in capital letters against an orange brown background, followed by the words "to protect and look after" written in cursive script. Two woodcut figures are shown with rain pouring down on them, one of the figures puts up an umbrella and holds it over the other.]

Narrator: Wha, Wairuatanga.

[Video: The word Wairuatanga appears in gold capital letters against a blue background, followed by the words "spirituality and identity written in a gold cursive script, animated woodcut figures are shown being welcomed onto a marae]

Narrator: Rima, Kaitiakitanga

[Video: The word Kaitiakitanga appears in capital letters against a dark green background, followed by the word 'guardianship' written in gold cursive text. Animated woodcut of hands planting a tree]

Narrator: It's a plan to show how things in Tāmaki Makaurau can be done effectively to have a strong partnership between Māori and Auckland Council

[Video: Screen splits in half to show a map of Auckland and slowly zooms in. Two woodcut figures appear and shake hands and hongi].

Narrator: This will create outcomes that benefit all Aucklanders

[Video: The words outcomes, benefits and Aucklanders pass quickly  past the screen, then the words  The Māori Plan?  appear again followed by a stylised bone carving illustration. The words, strengthen, enhance and partnerships follow. Then the words 'Māori' and Auckland Council appear on separate slats of wood with Māori on the top and Auckland Council second, with external organisations on the bottom.]

Narrator: So all in all the Māori plan is a tool to strengthen and enhance the partnership with Māori, Auckland Council and external organisations.

[Video: The Māori Plan brochure appears again, the phrases Discover Māori values appears too alongside the logo for the Independent Māori Statutory Board.]

Narrator: To find out more about the Māori  plan or the Independent Māori Statutory Board, visit our website

[Video: The URL for the Māori Statutory Board is shown as, while traditional Māori music plays in the background]

Narrator: The Māori Plan,  healthy and prosperous Māori in Auckland.

[Video: the Māori plan brochure is again shown on screen with its colourful koru patterns, the words healthy and prosperous appear on the screen in green cursive text with plant fronds growing out of the letters, there is a bird sitting on top of the fronts which come off the letter y in healthy, then we zoom in to watch the bird fly off screen. The bird then turns into traditional Māori carvings.]

Narrator: Te hei Mauri ora.

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