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What does council do video transcript

[00:01 - Video: Upbeat music plays behind the narrator’s voice while the words ‘What does council do?” appear on top right corner of the screen with a photograph of a woman riding a bicycle is shown on the left-hand side of the screen.]

Narrator: In the local elections, Aucklanders vote for 170 people who help to make Auckland a great place to live.

[00:09 - Video: the words ‘Local councils keep our communities running’ appear on the bottom left corner of the screen while a photograph of two women in a swimming pool is shown on the right side of the screen.]

Narrator: Our council works together with the whole community to implement new laws made by the central government and makes decisions in response to the needs of Aucklanders.

It also manages hundreds of our services and facilities such as emergency management, planning and consents, pools, beaches and parks, public spaces, waste, and water quality.

[00:29 - video: the words ‘maintaining a city requires many people, perspectives and skills’ in the bottom right corner of the screen while a photograph of a group of young people smiling is shown on the left side of the screen.]

Narrator: Maintaining a city the size of Auckland is a big job that takes many people, perspectives, and skills.

[00:36 - video: The words ‘Take part in local elections’ appear on the top of the screen. The URL for the Vote Auckland page is shown as, while upbeat music continues to play behind the narrator’s voice.]

Narrator: Find out more about how you can take part in the local elections at

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