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Why vote video transcript

[00:01 – video: Upbeat music plays behind the narrator’s voice while the words ‘Why vote?’ move on the top right-hand side of the screen next to a photograph of Auckland City, followed by a photograph of two people on standing on a hill.]

Narrator: Why vote? In the local elections, you vote to choose the mayor, councillors, local board members, and in some areas, you can vote for licensing trusts too.

[00:11 – Video: the words ‘Your vote helps to create the city you want.’ are shown next to a photograph of two people on a crosswalk and another photograph of a woman hiking.]

Narrator: The mayor, councillors and local board members are the people who are elected to make decisions on behalf of Tāmaki Makaurau, which impact many aspects of your daily life.

Do you want to help create the best city to live in for you and your whānau? Then choose the people who you believe think like you do, that will make the kind of decisions that will bring Auckland to life.

[00:33 – Video: the words ‘Choose the people that best represent you.’ are shown next to a photograph of a woman holding a brown bag, followed by a photograph of a woman waving at the camera.]

Narrator: Simply check you are enrolled to vote with the Electoral Commission, and you're given the chance to choose people who you want to represent you.

[00:40 - Video: The words ‘Take part in local elections’ appear on the top of the screen. The URL for the Vote Auckland page is shown as, while upbeat music continues to play behind the narrator’s voice].

Narrator: Find out more about how you can take part in the local elections at

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