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​Transcript of the wastewater network inspection process video

[Video: Person attaches smoke/fan unit over manhole cover and starts the machine.]

Voice: What we have is a smoke machine that we have placed over the wastewater manhole. When we start this machine up it actually draws air into manhole. We then pump smoke onto what we call the manifold, and then that draws the smoke into the manhole.

Voice: As it draws it into the manhole, it is also drawing smoke into the network, and what that allows us to do is see where the smoke comes out.

[Video: Small vent with smoke coming out above a toilet block roof.]

Voice: What we can see here is a toilet vent that is smoking. Now that is actually a good thing because we know that that toilet vent, and the toilet, is connected to the wastewater network – and that is something we would expect.

[Video: Looking at a number of different downpipes on side of toilet block building.]

Voice: What we also look for is where else the smoke is coming out, and if we see smoke coming out of the downpipes or cesspits, then that’s indicating that the stormwater is connected to the wastewater network, and that’s not a good thing.

[Video: Image of a stormwater drain and then a wastewater drain.]

That means that stormwater is getting into the wastewater network, inundating our network and has the potential to create overflows and ultimately flow into the environment.

[Video: Two stormwater outlet pipes leading out to the harbour, followed by footage of the inside of a rusty pipe containing visible smoke, then a pit of dirty water at the beach, and finally images of a young family playing in the water at Takapuna Beach.]

Voice: In the case of the wastewater being inundated with stormwater, it will overflow, it will enter the cesspit, which will ultimately end up on Takapuna Beach.

[Video: Smoke exiting through small holes in a pipe network hatch.]

Voice: What we are seeing here is smoke exiting the inspection chamber. So, it is correct that the wastewater is connected to the wastewater, however because we are seeing smoke come out, that means that the is potential for stormwater to get in. So we would expect this inspection vent to be sealed such that no water can get into the wastewater network.

[Video: Watercare and Auckland Council logo. Video clip ends]