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Transcript of the Sandringham has a new playground video

​[video: Music plays. Title of the video: Together we're Auckland. Rob Richardson, Sandringham community group leader, sits in front of the new playground in Sandringham]

Rob Richardson, Sandringham community group leader: So, SPiCE came about in 2013. The council and the local Eden board wanted to reinvigorate this reserve, and they really wanted to get community involvement in that process.

[video: Slow motion of girl walking across a wooden plank in the playground, with other people in the background and a backdrop of Sandringham]

Rob Richardson: So, a lot of community people all came together to create SPiCE.

[video: Rob Richardson and local woman resident looking and discussing the playground features]

Rob Richardson: So within the park we have got a mosaic which is done with the children at Edendale School.

[video: close up of a stone mosaic in grey, brown and white colours]

Rob Richardson: We've got the table tops here which is sort of based on patterns of local community cultures.

[video: close-up of various table tops patterns representing different cultures]

Rob Richardson: We've got the tiles on the ground which are representing picnic rugs because it's a dining space. We put the lighting in of course to encourage more visitors in the evenings.

[video: tracking shot of lights in the playground]

Rob Richardson: Then we've got the playground as well which is obviously next to a busy road needed to have some safety fence around it.

[video: tracking shot of the safety fence in multiple colours]

Peter Haynes, Albert-Eden Local Board Chair: This community really knew what it was doing, so it didn't need a hell of a lot of advice. So I guess the main thing we did was listen.

[video: two young girls playing around pole, following by Rob Richardson watching a young girl going down a slide]

Peter Haynes: Even when it was being built, I came down here and the guys who were constructing it said it was very special and they were really pouring their heart into it.

[video: Rob Richardson and little girl on the see-saw]

Peter Haynes: And people are really enjoying it. They love it. It's unique. It's now part of Sandringham. It's what makes Sandringham so special.

[video of little girl running through playground and jumping up to camera, followed by young girl walking across a wooden bridge]

Peter Haynes: Working together with Aucklanders will help us get it right for everyone.

[video: Rob Richardson and Peter Haynes discussing the project in the playground.]

Peter Haynes: It will ensure we provide the best value in everything we do, from the important daily work of running our city to the big projects that shape our region's future.

[video: young girl sliding down slide, followed by two young girls smiling to camera and finally Peter Haynes back on camera]

[video: Text Auckland Council logo. Music plays.]

Duration: 1 minute 41 seconds.