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Auckland Council

Closed notified resource consents for north Auckland




244 Postman Road & Wilks Road, Dairy Flat17244 Postman Road & Wilks Road, Dairy FlatBUN20444850, SUB60035777, LUC60011436
Limited Notification - 33 Salisbury Road, Birkdale149Limited Notification - 33 Salisbury Road, BirkdaleLUC60312378
205 Lake Road, Te Arai Point206205 Lake Road, Te Arai PointBUN60314995
355 Dairy Flat Highway, Lucas Heights3355 Dairy Flat Highway, Lucas HeightsSUB60068993
488 Rahuikiri Road & 1294 Pakiri Road, Pakiri5488 Rahuikiri Road & 1294 Pakiri Road, PakiriR65926 (BUN20440131, SUB60036061 & LUC60008445)
Limited notification - 10 Monk Road, Waioneke8Limited notification - 10 Monk Road, WaionekeBUN20457017/LAN-68339
Limited notification - 267 Pebble Brook Road, Wainui9Limited notification - 267 Pebble Brook Road, WainuiBUN60067834, SUB60067682 & LUC60067799
488 Hibiscus Coast Highway, Orewa12488 Hibiscus Coast Highway, OrewaLUC60070192
Limited notification - 353 McLaclan Road, Kaukapakapa64Limited notification - 353 McLaclan Road, KaukapakapaBUN60306461, SUB60306466, LUC60306467, WAT60306467
Whangateau Harbour Esplanade Reserve Adjacent to 267 Omaha Drive, Omaha225Whangateau Harbour Esplanade Reserve Adjacent to 267 Omaha Drive, OmahaLUC60306861
Orewa Esplanade Reserve (Kohu Street and Marine View)24Orewa Esplanade Reserve (Kohu Street and Marine View)BUN-60067662
1 Hibiscus Coast Highway, Silverdale251 Hibiscus Coast Highway, SilverdaleLUC60303076
Limited notification - 982A East Coast Road, Northcross28Limited notification - 982A East Coast Road, NorthcrossLUC60303550
5/51 William Pickering Drive, Rosedale305/51 William Pickering Drive, RosedaleLUC60070626
Hall farm - State Highway 1, Upper Orewa36Hall farm - State Highway 1, Upper OrewaBUN20441333
Limited Notification - 34 Lorikeet Place, Unsworth Heights72Limited Notification - 34 Lorikeet Place, Unsworth HeightsVCN70002661
72 Haigh Access Road, Redvale11372 Haigh Access Road, RedvaleR66199
1164 Beach Road, Long Bay1151164 Beach Road, Long BayLN-2140041
218-220 Beach Road, Campbells Bay116218-220 Beach Road, Campbells BayLN-2141566
222 - 222A South Head Road, Parkhurst119222 - 222A South Head Road, ParkhurstLAN-66397
168 Three Oaks Drive, Coatesville120168 Three Oaks Drive, CoatesvilleR66539
Sunnynook park Stormwater upgrade121Sunnynook park Stormwater upgradeLCO-2142694
55 Tender Road, Pine Valley12355 Tender Road, Pine ValleyR67187
203 Weranui Road, Upper Waiwera128203 Weranui Road, Upper WaiweraSLC66664
41 Queen Street & 14-16 Neville Street, Warkworth13141 Queen Street & 14-16 Neville Street, WarkworthLan-66915
68 Old railway Road, Kumeu6968 Old railway Road, KumeuBUN60069525, DIS60069526, DIS60069563, LUC60068355
Limited Notification - West Hoe Heights, Orewa65Limited Notification - West Hoe Heights, OrewaBUN20414945
Warkworth and Snells Beach / Algies Bay141Warkworth and Snells Beach / Algies BayLAN-67917
488 & 496C Hibiscus Coast Highway 142488 & 496C Hibiscus Coast Highway LAN66561
3 Shelly Beach Road, Shelly Beach1433 Shelly Beach Road, Shelly BeachCOA66680
Omaha Wastewater Treatment Plant144Omaha Wastewater Treatment PlantREG-67919
61 Churchill Road, Murray Bay20961 Churchill Road, Murray BayLUC60066366
159 Victoria Road, Devonport109159 Victoria Road, DevonportLN-2142117
2 Oxford Terrace, Devonport12 Oxford Terrace, DevonportTRE60070744
297-299 & 301 Lake Road, Hauraki101297-299 & 301 Lake Road, HaurakiLUC60309320
54 Parkway Drive, Rosedale20354 Parkway Drive, RosedaleLUC60319564
782 Haruru Road, Wainui76782 Haruru Road, WainuiBUN60066984, LUC60066985, DIS60066986
21 Beach Road, Milford10321 Beach Road, MilfordBUN10560272
52 Rosedale Road, Rosedale20152 Rosedale Road, RosedaleBUN60318000
78 & 80 Station Road, Huapai2978 & 80 Station Road, HuapaiSUB60070055
1502 Weranui Road, Wainui311502 Weranui Road, WainuiBUN60069542, SUB60069585, DIS60069586
32 Tennyson Avenue, Takapuna3232 Tennyson Avenue, TakapunaBUN60069941, WAT60069942, LUC60069885
270 Hurstmere Road, Takapuna33270 Hurstmere Road, TakapunaTRE60066898
State Highway 1, Wellsford34State Highway 1, WellsfordBUN60068493
35 Tainui Road, Devonport3535 Tainui Road, DevonportTRE60049216
3 Woodlands Crescent, Browns Bay373 Woodlands Crescent, Browns BayLUC60067106, BUN60067107, WAT60067108
30-32 Anzac Road, Browns Bay11230-32 Anzac Road, Browns BayLJ-2142285
1346 Laurie Southwick Parade, Hobbs Bay1141346 Laurie Southwick Parade, Hobbs BayR55618
186 Atkins Road, Te Arai122186 Atkins Road, Te AraiL65819
65 Hibiscus Coast Highway12565 Hibiscus Coast HighwayLAN-67100