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Auckland Unitary Plan hearings

When we hold Unitary Plan hearings

Unitary Plan hearings are held for public plan changes, private plan changes and Notices of Requirement.

Public plan change

Council actively monitors the effectiveness of the Unitary Plan and will regularly initiate plan changes to respond to emerging issues.

Private plan change

A private plan change is a change to the Unitary Plan initiated by a member of the public, an incorporated organisation, company or sector group. A proposed private plan change seeks to amend the Unitary Plan to achieve an outcome sought by the initiator.

Notice of Requirement

A notice of requirement is a proposal for a designation and to begin the process of designating land, a requiring authority must serve a notice of requirement on the relevant territorial authority.

Attend a public hearing

We will contact you with a time, date and location for the hearing.

If you change your mind about attending a hearing, advise the relevant hearings advisor as soon as possible before the date of the hearing.